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EnactionJohn Stewart, Olivier Gapenne, Ezequiel A. Di Paolo2011-01-21
Auditory NeuroscienceJan Schnupp, Israel Nelken, Andrew King2010-12-31
Memory Process, TheSuzanne Nalbantian, Paul M. Matthews, James L. McClelland2010-11-30
Action, Ethics, and ResponsibilityJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Harry S. Silverstein2010-11-30
Networks of the BrainOlaf Sporns2010-11-15
Discovering ComplexityWilliam Bechtel, Richard C. Richardson2010-10-29
Arguments as RelationsJohn Bowers2010-10-29
Our Own MindsRadu J. Bogdan2010-10-29
New Science of the Mind, TheMark Rowlands2010-10-29
Dynamic FacesCristóbal Curio, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Martin A. Giese2010-10-29
HelmholtzMichel Meulders2010-10-29
Agreement and Head MovementIan Roberts2010-10-29
Self-Organizing Social Mind, TheJohn Bolender2010-09-30
Knowledge and SkepticismJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Harry S. Silverstein2010-08-31
Dynamic Coordination in the BrainChristoph von der Malsburg, William A. Phillips, Wolf Singer2010-08-31
Pragmatic NeuroethicsEric Racine2010-08-31
Cognitive PragmaticsBruno G. Bara2010-08-13
Two Halves of the BrainKenneth Hugdahl, René Westerhausen2010-08-04
Effortless AttentionBrian Bruya2010-07-30
Time and IdentityJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Harry S. Silverstein2010-07-30
VisionDavid Marr2010-07-09
Color Ontology and Color ScienceJonathan Cohen, Mohan Matthen2010-06-30
Extended Mind, TheRichard Menary2010-06-18
Foundational Issues in Human Brain MappingStephen José Hanson, Martin Bunzl2010-06-14
Cognitive Neuroscience of Mind, ThePatricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Kathleen Baynes, George R. Mangun, Elizabeth A. Phelps2010-05-31
What Is Addiction?Don Ross, Harold Kincaid, David Spurrett, Peter Collins2010-03-31
Anatomy of Bias, TheJan Lauwereyns2010-02-26
Mental Reality, Second Edition, With A New AppendixGalen Strawson2009-11-30
Chess MetaphorsDiego Rasskin-Gutman2009-09-01
Selfless InsightJames H. Austin2009-01-23
Eye, Retina, and Visual System of the MouseLeo M. Chalupa, Robert W. Williams2008-08-29
Boundaries of Babel, TheAndrea Moro2008-07-25
Case for Qualia, TheEdmond Wright2008-06-20
Better Than Conscious?Christoph Engel, Wolf Singer2008-05-30
3D ShapeZygmunt Pizlo2008-04-24
Scenario VisualizationRobert Arp2008-04-10
Midbrain MutinyDon Ross, Carla Sharp, Rudy E. Vuchinich, David Spurrett2008-04-03
Native Mind and the Cultural Construction of Nature, TheScott Atran, Douglas L. Medin2008-03-24
Moral Psychology, Volume 2Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2008-01-31
Moral Psychology, Volume 3Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2008-01-31
Folk Psychological NarrativesDaniel D. Hutto2008-01-31
Musical Representation, TheCharles O. Nussbaum2007-12-31
Sex and the BrainGillian Einstein2007-11-30
Describing Inner Experience?Russell Hurlburt, Eric Schwitzgebel2007-11-30
Hidden Sense, TheCretien van Campen2007-11-26
Things and PlacesZenon W. Pylyshyn2007-11-19
Gödel, Putnam, and FunctionalismJeff Buechner2007-11-15
Really Hard Problem, TheOwen Flanagan2007-11-01
Moral Psychology, Volume 1Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2007-10-31
Time and RealismYuval Dolev2007-10-31