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The Natural MethodEddy Nahmias, Thomas Polger, Wenqing Zhao2020-08-04
Who You AreMichael J. Spivey2020-04-29
AI EthicsMark Coeckelbergh2020-04-08
Our Moral FateAllen Buchanan2020-03-25
fMRIPeter A. Bandettini2020-02-26
The NeocortexWolf Singer, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Pasko Rakic2019-09-27
The Feeling of Life ItselfChristof Koch2019-09-25
Human LanguagePeter Hagoort2019-09-20
Statistical Analysis of fMRI DataF. Gregory Ashby2019-09-17
The Promise of Artificial IntelligenceBrian Cantwell Smith2019-09-13
Interactive Task LearningKevin A. Gluck, John E. Laird2019-09-10
Changing MindsRoger Kreuz, Richard Roberts2019-09-06
Kinds Come FirstJerome Kagan2019-08-02
Scaffolded MindsSomogy Varga2019-08-02
An Instinct for TruthRobert T. Pennock2019-07-19
Taming UncertaintyRalph Hertwig, Timothy J. Pleskac, Thorsten Pachur2019-07-19
Hume's Problem SolvedGerhard Schurz2019-04-12
The Evolution of the Sensitive SoulSimona Ginsburg, Eva Jablonka2019-02-15
How Attention WorksStefan Van der Stigchel2019-02-15
The Spider's ThreadKeith J. Holyoak2019-02-01
Actual CausalityJoseph Y. Halpern2019-01-25
Blockheads!Adam Pautz, Daniel Stoljar2019-01-18
Qualitative RepresentationsKenneth D. Forbus2018-12-28
Handbook of Embodied Cognition and Sport PsychologyMassimiliano L. Cappuccio2018-12-14
Responsible BrainsWilliam Hirstein, Katrina L. Sifferd, Tyler K. Fagan2018-11-16
Linguistic BodiesEzequiel A. Di Paolo, Elena Clare Cuffari, Hanne De Jaegher2018-10-12
Consciousness DemystifiedTodd E. Feinberg, Jon M. Mallatt2018-09-25
What's Left of Human Nature?Maria Kronfeldner2018-09-21
How History Gets Things WrongAlex Rosenberg2018-09-14
The Spontaneous BrainGeorg Northoff2018-09-14
Changing Minds Changing ToolsVsevolod Kapatsinski2018-07-06
Meaning in the BrainGiosuè Baggio2018-06-29
The Anxious MindCharlie Kurth2018-03-30
SynesthesiaRichard E. Cytowic2018-03-02
Efficient CognitionArmin W. Schulz2018-02-16
The Bodily SelfJosé Luis Bermúdez2018-02-16
Experienced WholenessWanja Wiese2018-01-31
On AccidentEdward Eigen2018-01-26
The Illusion of Conscious Will, New EditionDaniel M. Wegner2017-12-15
The Eugenic Mind ProjectRobert A. Wilson2017-12-15
Brainstorms, Fortieth Anniversary EditionDaniel C. Dennett2017-12-08
The Subject's MatterFrederique De Vignemont, Adrian J. T. Alsmith2017-12-08
The Cultural Nature of AttachmentHeidi Keller, Kim A. Bard2017-11-28
A New Understanding of Mental DisordersAndreas Heinz2017-10-13
True EnoughCatherine Z. Elgin2017-10-13
Robot SexJohn Danaher, Neil McArthur2017-10-06
Panpsychism in the WestDavid Skrbina2017-09-15
Real HallucinationsMatthew Ratcliffe 2017-09-15
Getting ThroughRoger Kreuz, Richard Roberts2017-08-25
Understanding IgnoranceDaniel R. DeNicola2017-08-11