ISBN: 9780262329118 | 168 pp. | June 2015


Experiments in Cooperative Cognitive Architecture

In this book, Whitman Richards offers a novel and provocative proposal for understanding decision making and human behavior. Building on Valentino Braitenberg’s famous “vehicles,” Richards describes a collection of mental organisms that he calls “daemons”—virtual correlates of neural modules. Daemons have favored choices and make decisions that control behaviors of the group to which they belong, with each daemon preferring a different outcome. Richards arranges these preferences in graphs, linking similar choices, which thus reinforce each other. “Anigrafs” refers to these two components—animals, or the mental organisms (agents or daemons), and the graphs that show similarity relations. Together these two components are the basis of a new cognitive architecture.

In Richards’s account, a collection of daemons compete for control of the cognitive system in which they reside; the challenge is to get the daemons to agree on one of many choices. Richards explores the results of group decisions, emphasizing the Condorcet voting procedure for aggregating preferences. A neural mechanism is proposed. Anigrafs presents a series of group decisions that incorporate simple and complex movements, as well as aspects of cognition and belief. Anigrafs concludes with a section on “metagrafs,” which chart relationships between different anigraf models.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. I. Preliminaries: From Babble to Barter and Beyond
  3. II. Animacy: Action Agents
  4. 1. Anigraf1: Simple Precursors
  5. 2. Anigraf2: Swimmers: Beginning to Move
  6. 3. Anigraf3: Walkers: Syncopated Limbs
  7. 4. Anigraf4: Tally Machines
  8. III. Cognition: Agents with Beliefs
  9. 5. Anigraf5: Dancers: Mating Games
  10. 6. Anigraf6: Planners: Event Sequencing
  11. 7. Anigraf7: Explorers: New Worlds
  12. 8. Anigraf8: Alliances: Coordinating Diversity
  13. IV. Metagrafs
  14. Epilogue
  15. Bibliography
  16. Appendix: Phase Plots
  17. Glossary
  18. Index