The Body and the Self


The Body and the Self brings together recent work by philosophers and psychologists on the nature of self-consciousness, the nature of bodily awareness, and the relation between the two. The central problem addressed is How is our grasp of ourselves as one object among others underpinned by the ways in which we use and represent our bodies? The contributors take up such issues as how should we characterize the various distinctive ways we have of being in touch with our own bodies in sensation, proprioception, and action? How exactly does our grip on our bodies as objects connect with our ability to perceive the external environment, and with our ability to engage in various forms of social interaction? Can any of these ways of representing our bodies affect a bridge between body and self?

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. 1. Self-Consciousness and the Body: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

    Naomi Eiland, Anthony Marcel and José Luis Bermúdez

  3. 2. The Body Image and Self-Consciousness

    John Campbell

  4. 3. Infants' Understanding of People and Things: From Body Imitation to Folk Psychology

    Andrew N. Meltzoff and M. Keith Moore

  5. 4. Persons, Animals, and Bodies

    Paul F. Snowdon

  6. 5. An Ecological Perspective on the Origins of Self

    George Butterworth

  7. 6. Objectivity, Causality, and Agency

    Thomas Baldwin

  8. 7. At Two with Nature: Agency and the Development of Self-World Dualism

    James Russell

  9. 8. Ecological Perception and the Notion of a Nonconceptual Point of View

    José Luis Bermúdez

  10. 9. Proprioception and the Body Image

    Brian O'Shaughnessy

  11. 10. Awareness of One's Own Body: An Attentional Theory of Its Nature, Development, and Brain Basis

    Marcel Kinsbourne

  12. 11. Body Schema and Intentionality

    Shaun Gallagher

  13. 12. Living without Touch and Peripheral Information about Body Position and Movement: Studies with Deafferented Subjects

    Jonathan Cole and Jacques Paillard

  14. 13. Bodily Awareness: A Sense of Ownership

    M. G. F. Martin

  15. 14. Bodily Awareness and the Self

    Bill Brewer

  16. 15. Introspection and Bodily Self-Ascription

    Quassim Cassam

  17. 16. Consciousness and the Self

    Naomi Eilan

  18. Contributors
  19. Index