Cognitive Search

Evolution, Algorithms, and the Brain

Over a century ago, William James proposed that people search through memory much as they rummage through a house looking for lost keys. We scour our environments for territory, food, mates, and information. We search for items in visual scenes, for historical facts, and for the best deals on Internet sites; we search for new friends to add to our social networks, and for solutions to novel problems. What we find is always governed by how we search and by the structure of the environment.

This book explores how we search for resources in our minds and in the world. The authors examine the evolution and adaptive functions of search; the neural underpinnings of goal-searching mechanisms across species; psychological models of search in memory, decision making, and visual scenes; and applications of search behavior in highly complex environments such as the Internet. As the range of information, social contacts, and goods continues to expand, how well we are able to search and successfully find what we seek becomes increasingly important. At the same time, search offers cross-disciplinary insights to the scientific study of human cognition and its evolution. Combining perspectives from researchers across numerous domains, this book furthers our understanding of the relationship between search and the human mind.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. The Ernst Strüngmann Forum
  3. List of Contributors
  4. 1. Building a Foundation for Cognitive Search

    Peter M. Todd, Thomas T. Hills, and Trevor W. Robbins

  5. Evolution of Search, Adaptation, and Ecology
  6. 2. The Evolution of Cognitive Search

    Thomas T. Hills and Reuven Dukas

  7. 3. Ecological and Behavioral Approaches to Search Behavior

    David W. Stephens, Iain Couzin, and Luc-Alain Giraldeau

  8. 4. Searching for Fundamentals and Commonalities of Search

    John M. C. Hutchinson, David W. Stephens, Melissa Bateson, Iain Couzin, Reuven Dukas, Luc-Alain Giraldeau, Thomas T. Hills, Frederic Méry, and Bruce Winterhalder

  9. Search, Goals, and the Brain
  10. 5. Executive Control of Cognitive Search

    Joshua W. Brown and Derek E. Nee

  11. 6. Search Processes and Hippocampus

    A. David Redish

  12. 7. Neural Bases of Actions and Habits

    John P. O'Doherty and Bernard W. Balleine

  13. 8. Chemical Neuromodulation of Goal-Directed Behavior

    Roshan Cools

  14. 9. Search, Goals, and the Brain

    Catharine A. Winstanley, Trevor W. Robbins, Bernard W. Balleine, Joshua W. Brown, Christian Büchel, Roshan Cools, Daniel Durstewitz, John P. O'Doherty, Cyriel M. A. Pennartz, A. David Redish, and Jeremy K. Seamans

  15. Mechanisms and Processes of Cognitive Search
  16. 10. Visual Search

    Jeremy M. Wolfe

  17. 11. Human Memory Search

    Eddy J. Davelaar and Jeroen G. W. Raaijmakers

  18. 12. Model-Based Reinforcement Learning as Cognitive Search: Neurocomputational Theories

    Nathaniel D. Daw

  19. 13. Cognitive Control, Cognitive Search, and Motivational Salience: A Systems Neuroscience Approach

    K. Richard Ridderinkhof and Helga A. Harsay

  20. 14. Convergent and Divergent Operations in Cognitive Search

    Bernhard Hommel

  21. 15. Unpacking Cognitive Search: Mechanisms and Processes

    Thorsten Pachur, Jeroen G. W. Raaijmakers, Eddy J. Davelaar, Nathaniel D. Daw, Michael R. Dougherty, Bernhard Hommel, Michael D. Lee, Sean M. Polyn, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Peter M. Todd, and Jeremy M. Wolfe

  22. Search Environments, Representation, and Encoding
  23. 16. Foundations of Search: A Perspective from Computer Science

    James A. R. Marshall and Frank Neumann

  24. 17. Problem Solving and Search in Networks

    David Lazer and Ethan S. Bernstein

  25. 18. From Plato to the World Wide Web: Information Foraging on the Internet

    Wai-Tat Fu

  26. 19. Optimal Strategies and Heuristics for Ecological Search Problems

    John M. McNamara and Tim W. Fawcett

  27. 20. Search Environments, Representation, and Encoding

    Lael J. Schooler, Curt Burgess, Robert L. Goldstone, Wai-Tat Fu, Sergey Gavrilets, David Lazer, James A. R. Marshall, Frank Neumann, and Jan M. Wiener

  28. Bibliography
  29. Subject Index