Computational Molecular Biology

An Algorithmic Approach

In one of the first major texts in the emerging field of computational molecular biology, Pavel Pevzner covers a broad range of algorithmic and combinatorial topics and shows how they are connected to molecular biology and to biotechnology. The book has a substantial "computational biology without formulas" component that presents the biological and computational ideas in a relatively simple manner. This makes the material accessible to computer scientists without biological training, as well as to biologists with limited background in computer science. Computational Molecular Biology series: computer science and mathematics are transforming molecular biology from an informational to a computational science. Drawing on computational, statistical, experimental, and technological methods, the new discipline of computational molecular biology is dramatically increasing the discovery of new technologies and tools for molecular biology. The new MIT Press Computational Molecular Biology series provides a unique venue for the rapid publication of monographs, textbooks, edited collections, reference works, and lecture notes of the highest quality.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. 1. Computational Gene Hunting
  3. 2. Restriction Mapping
  4. 3. Map Assembly
  5. 4. Sequencing
  6. 5. DNA Arrays
  7. 6. Sequence Comparison
  8. 7. Multiple Alignment
  9. 8. Finding Signals in DNA
  10. 9. Gene Prediction
  11. 10. Genome Rearrangements
  12. 11. Computational Proteomics
  13. 12. Problems
  14. 13. All You Need to Know about Molecular Biology
  15. Bibliography
  16. Index