Creative Cognition

Theory, Research, and Applications

Creative Cognition combines original experiments with existing work in cognitive psychology to provide the first explicit account of the cognitive processes and structures that contribute to creative thinking and discovery. In separate chapters, the authors take up visualization, concept formation, categorization, memory retrieval, and problem solving. They describe novel experimental methods for studying creative cognitive processes under controlled laboratory conditions, along with techniques that can be used to generate many different types of inventions and concepts.

A Bradford Book

Table of Contents

    1. 1. Introduction to Creative Cognition
    2. 2. Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
    3. 3. Creative Visualization
    4. 4. Creative Invention
    5. 5. Conceptual Synthesis
    6. 6. Structured Imagination
    7. 7. Insight, Fixation, and Incubation
    8. 8. Creative Strategies for Problem Solving
    9. 9. General Implications and Applications
    10. References
    11. Author Index
    12. Subject Index