ISBN: 9780262267670 | 678 pp. | August 1998

Culturing Nerve Cells


Because neurons and glia in culture are remarkably similar to those in situ, culture systems make it possible to identify significant cell interactions and to elucidate their mechanisms. This book is in many ways a do-it-yourself manual for culturing nerve cells, complete with recipes and protocols. But it also provides an understanding of the principles behind the protocols. In effect the contributors invite you into their labs and provide much of the information you would obtain from such a visit.The authors of the introductory chapters present the nuts-and-bolts principles of growing nerve cells. The authors of the following chapters discuss the culturing of specific cell types. They explain how their experimental goals have shaped their particular cell culture approach and the advantages and disadvantages of the cell culture systems they have developed. They provide detailed protocols and describe their cultures in practical terms, from when the cells are first plated through the various phases of their development.

Janet Alder, Hannelore Asmussen, Gerard Bain, Gary Banker, Robert W. Baughman, Richard P. Bunge, Ann Marie Craig, Matthew E. Cunningham, Dominique Debanne, Stephen E. Farinelli, Michael F.A. Finley, Gerald D. Fishbach, Beat H. Gähwiler, W.-Q. Gao, Daniel J. Goldberg, Kimberly Goslin, David I. Gottlieb, Lloyd A. Greene, Mary Beth Hatten, Dennis Higgins, James E. Huettner, Kenneth A. Jones, Naomi Kleitman, Raul Krauss, Ronald M. Lindsay, Nagesh K. Mahanthappa, Carol A. Mason, Margot Mayer-Pröschel, R. Anne McKinney, Mary E. Morrison, Mark Noble, David S. Park, Paul H. Patterson, Mu-ming Poo, Richard T. Robertson, Samuel Schacher, Michael M. Segal, Carolyn L. Smith, Nacira Tabti, Scott M. Thompson, Roseann Ventimiglia, Ginger S. Withers, Patrick M. Wood, Min Yao

Table of Contents

  1. Series Foreword
  2. Contributors
  3. I. A User's Guide
  4. 1. Getting Started

    Gary Banker and Kimberly Goslin

  5. II. General Principles
  6. 2. Types of Nerve Cell Cultures, Their Advantages and Limitations

    Gary Banker and Kimberly Goslin

  7. 3. Primary Dissociated Cell Cultures

    Dennis Higgins and Gary Banker

  8. 4. Transfecting Cultured Neurons

    Ann Marie Craig

  9. 5. Characterizing and Studying Neuronal Cultures

    Ginger S. Withers and Gary Banker

  10. III. Culture of Specific Cell Types
  11. 6. Culture and Experimental Use of the PC12 Rat Pheochromocytoma Cell Line

    Lloyd A. Greene, Stephen E. Farinelli, Matthew E. Cunningham, and David S. Park

  12. 7. Neuronlike Cells Derived in Culture from P19 Embryonal Carcinoma and Embryonic Stem Cells

    Gerard Bain, Min Yao, James E. Huettner, Michael F. A. Finley, and David I. Gottlieb

  13. 8. Culturing the Large Neurons of Aplysia

    Daniel J. Goldberg and Samuel Schacher

  14. 9. Culturing Spinal Neurons and Muscle Cells from Xenopus Embryos

    Nacira Tabti, Janet Alder, and Mu-ming Poo

  15. 10. Cultures from Chick Peripheral Ganglia

    Carolyn L. Smith

  16. 11. Culturing Mammalian Sympathoadrenal Derivatives

    Nagesh K. Mahanthappa and Paul H. Patterson

  17. 12. Mass Cultures and Microislands of Neurons from Postnatal Rat Brain

    Michael M. Segal, Robert W. Baughman, Kenneth A. Jones, and James E. Huettner

  18. 13. Rat Hippocampal Neurons in Low-Density Culture

    Kimberly Goslin, Hannelora Asmussen, and Gary Banker

  19. 14. Rat Striatal Neurons in Low-Density, Serum-Free Culture

    Roseann Ventimiglia and Ronald M. Lindsay

  20. 15. Cell Culture of Cholinergic and Cholinoceptive Neurons from the Medial Habenula

    Raul Krauss and Gerald D. Fischbach

  21. 16. The Cerebellum: Purification and Coculture of Identified Cell Populations

    Mary Elizabeth Hatten, Wei-Qiang Gao, Mary E. Morrison, and Carol A. Mason

  22. 17. Organotypic Slice Cultures of Neural Tissue

    Beat H. Gähwiler, Scott M. Thompson, R. Anne McKinney, Dominique Debanne, and Richard T. Robertson

  23. 18. Culture of Astrocytes, Oligodendrocytes, and O-2A Progenitor Cells

    Mark Noble and Margot Mayer-Pröschel

  24. 19. Tissue Culture Methods for the Study of Myelination

    Naomi Kleitman, Patrick M. Wood, and Richard P. Bunge

  25. References
  26. Index
  27. Color Plates