Dialogues with Davidson

Acting, Interpreting, Understanding
Edited by Jeff Malpas
Foreword by Dagfinn Follesdal

The work of the philosopher Donald Davidson (1917–2003) is not only wide ranging in its influence and vision, but also in the breadth of issues that it encompasses. Davidson’s work includes seminal contributions to philosophy of language and mind, to philosophy of action, and to epistemology and metaphysics.

In Dialogues with Davidson, leading scholars engage with Davidson's work as it connects not only with aspects of current analytic thinking but also with a wider set of perspectives, including those of hermeneutics, phenomenology, the history of philosophy, feminist epistemology, and contemporary social theory. They link Davidson's work to other thinkers, including Collingwood, Kant, Derrida, Heidegger, and Gadamer.

The essays demonstrate the continuing significance of Davidson's philosophy, not only in terms of the philosophical relevance of the ideas he advanced, but also in the further connections and insights those ideas engender.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword

    Dagfinn Follesdal

  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction: Davidson and Contemporary Philosophy

    Jeff Malpas

  4. I. On Language, Mind, and World
  5. 1. Davidson versus Descartes

    Richard Rorty

  6. 2. What Subjectivity Isn't

    David Couzens Hoy and Christoph Durt

  7. 3. Davidson, Derrida, and Differance

    Samuel C. Wheeler III

  8. 4. Davidson, Kant, and Double-Aspect Ontologies

    Gordon G. Brittan, Jr.

  9. 5. Interpretive Semantics and Ontological Commitment

    Richard N. Manning

  10. 6. Davidson, Heidegger, and Truth

    Mark Okrent

  11. 7. Davidson and the Demise of Representationalism

    Giancarlo Marchetti

  12. 8. Method and Metaphysics: Pragmatist Doubts

    Bjorn Ramberg

  13. II. On Interpretation and Understanding
  14. 9. Davidson's Reading of Gadamer: Triangulation, Conversation, and the Analytic–Continental Divide

    Lee Braver

  15. 10. In Gadamer's Neighborhood

    Robert Dostal

  16. 11. The Relevance of Radical Interpretation to the Understanding of Mind

    Jonathan Ellis

  17. 12. Incommensurability in Davidson and Gadamer

    Barbara Fultner

  18. 13. Davidson, Gadamer, Incommensurability, and the Third Dogma of Empiricism

    David Vessey

  19. 14. What Is Common to All: Davidson on Agreement and Understanding

    Jeff Malpas

  20. III. On Action, Reason, and Knowledge
  21. 15. Davidson and the Autonomy of the Human Sciences

    Giuseppina D'Oro

  22. 16. Interpreting Davidson on Intentional Action

    Frederick Stoutland

  23. 17. Evaluative Attitudes

    Gerhard Preyer

  24. 18. Davidson's Normativity

    Stephen Turner

  25. 19. Davidson and the Source of Self-Knowledge

    Louise Roska-Hardy

  26. 20. Radical Interpretation, Feminism, and Science

    Sharyn Clough

  27. Bibliography
  28. Contributors
  29. Index