The Foundations of Cognitive Science


What is cognitive science? Foundations of Cognitive Science answers this question in a way that gives a feeling for the excitement, ferment, and accomplishments of this new field. It is the first broad treatment of cognitive science at an advanced level.

Complete and authoritative, Foundations of Cognitive Science covers the major architectures; provides background in philosophy, linguistics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience; and deals with methods for studying both brain and mind. All of the chapters have been written especially for the book by the leading scholars in the field.

Table of Contents

  1. Contributors
  2. Preface: Learning Cognitive Science
  3. 1. Foundations of Cognitive Science

    Herbert A. Simon and Craig A. Kaplan

  4. 2. Computing in Cognitive Science

    Zenon W. Pylyshyn

  5. 3. Symbolic Architectures for Cognition

    Allen Newell, Paul S. Rosenbloom and John E. Laird

  6. 4. The Architecture of Mind: A Connectionist Approach

    David E. Rumelhart

  7. 5. Grammatical Theory

    Thomas Wasow

  8. 6. Model-Theoretic Semantics

    John Barwise and John Etchemendy

  9. 7. Experimental Methods in Cognitive Science

    Gordon H. Bower and John P. Clapper

  10. 8. Brain and Cognition

    Terrence J. Sejnowski and Patricia Smith Churchland

  11. 9. Language Acquisition

    Steven Pinker

  12. 10. Reading

    Alexander Pollatsek and Keith Rayner

  13. 11. Discourse

    Barbara J. Gorsz, Martha E. Pollack and Candace L. Sidner

  14. 12. Mental Models

    P. N. Johnson Laird

  15. 13. Concepts and Induction

    Edward E. Smith

  16. 14. Problem Solving and Cognitive Skill Acquisition

    Kurt VanLehn

  17. 15. The Computational Study of Vision

    Ellen C. Hildreth and Shimon Ullman

  18. 16. Visual Attention

    Alan Allport

  19. 17. Memory

    Daniel L. Schacter

  20. 18. Action

    Michael I. Jordan and David A. Rosenbaum

  21. 19. Geometrical and Mechanical Issues in Movement Planning and Control

    E. Bizzi and F. A. Mussa-Ivaldi

  22. 20. Cultural Cognition

    Roy G. D'Andracle

  23. 21. Some Philosophical Issues in Cognitive Science: Qualia, Intentionality, and the Mind-Body Problem

    Gilbert Harman

  24. Author Index
  25. Subject Index