ISBN: 9780262331883 | 696 pp. | January 2016

The Handbook of Attention

Laboratory research on human attention has often been conducted under conditions that bear little resemblance to the complexity of our everyday lives. Although this research has yielded interesting discoveries, few scholars have truly connected these findings to natural experiences. This book bridges the gap between “laboratory and life” by bringing together cutting-edge research using traditional methodologies with research that focuses on attention in everyday contexts. It offers definitive reviews by both established and rising research stars on foundational topics such as visual attention and cognitive control, underrepresented domains such as auditory and temporal attention, and emerging areas of investigation such as mind wandering and embodied attention. 
The contributors discuss a range of approaches and methodologies, including psychophysics, mental chronometry, stationary and mobile eye-tracking, and electrophysiological and functional brain imaging. Chapters on everyday attention consider such diverse activities as driving, shopping, reading, multitasking, and playing videogames. All chapters present their topics in the same overall format: historical context, current research, the possible integration of laboratory and real-world approaches, future directions, and key and outstanding issues. 
Richard A. Abrams, Lewis Baker, Daphne Bavelier, Virginia Best, Adam B. Blake, Paul W. Burgess, Alan D. Castel,  Karen Collins, Mike J. Dixon, Sidney K. D’Mello, Julia Föcker, Charles L. Folk, Tom Foulsham, Jonathan A. Fugelsang, Bradley S. Gibson, Matthias S. Gobel, Davood G. Gozli, Arthur C. Graesser, Peter A. Hancock, Kevin A. Harrigan, Simone G. Heideman, Cristy Ho, Roxane J. Itier, Gustav Kuhn, Michael F. Land, Mallorie Leinenger, Daniel Levin, Steven J. Luck, Gerald Matthews, Daniel Memmert, Stephen Monsell, Meeneley Nazarian, Anna C. Nobre, Andrew M. Olney, Kerri Pickel, Jay Pratt, Keith Rayner, Daniel C. Richardson, Evan F. Risko, Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Vivian Siu, Jonathan Smallwood, Charles Spence, David Strayer, Pedro Sztybel, Benjamin W. Tatler, Eric T. Taylor, Jeff Templeton, Robert Teszka, Michel Wedel, Blaire J. Weidler, Lisa Wojtowicz, Jeremy M. Wolfe, Geoffrey F. Woodman

Table of Contents

  1. Attention: From the Laboratory to the Real World and Back Again
  2. 1. Controlling Spatial Attention: Lessons from the Lab and Implications for Everyday Life

    Charles L. Folk

  3. 2. Visual Search

    Jeremy M. Wolfe

  4. 3. Temporal Orienting of Attention

    Anna C. Nobre and Simone G. Heideman

  5. 4. What Laboratory Studies of Symbolic Spatial Cues Reveal about the Control of Attention in Everyday Life

    Bradley S. Gibson and Pedro Sztybel

  6. 5. Auditory Selective Attention

    Barbara Shinn-Cunningham and Virginia Best

  7. 6. Crossmodal Attention: From the Laboratory to the Real World (and Back Again)

    Charles Spence and Cristy Ho

  8. 7. Task-Set Control and Task Switching

    Stephen Monsell

  9. 8. Using Working Memory to Control Attentional Deployment to Items in Complex Scenes

    Geoffrey F. Woodman and Steven J. Luck

  10. 9. Change Blindness and Inattentional Blindness

    Daniel Levin and Lewis Baker

  11. 10. Mind Wandering and Attention

    Jonathan Smallwood

  12. 11. Scene Perception

    Tom Foulsham

  13. 12. Eye Movements and Visual Attention during Reading

    Mallorie Leinenger and Keith Rayner

  14. 13. Embodied Attention

    Richard A. Abrams and Blaire J. Weidler

  15. 14. Action and Attention

    Jay Pratt, J. Eric T. Taylor, and Davood G. Gozli

  16. 15. Social Attention

    Daniel C. Richardson and Matthias S. Gobel

  17. 16. Attention to Eyes in Face Perception

    Roxane J. Itier

  18. 17. Everyday Visual Attention

    Benjamin W. Tatler and Michael F. Land

  19. 18. Attention and Driving

    David L. Strayer

  20. 19. Serial versus Concurrent Multitasking: From Lab to Life

    Paul W. Burgess

  21. 20. Attention and Incidental Memory in Everyday Settings

    Alan D. Castel, Meenely Nazarian, and Adam B. Blake

  22. 21. Eyewitness Memory

    Kerri L. Pickel

  23. 22. Attention and Misdirection: How to Use Conjuring Experience to Study Attentional Processes

    Gustav Kuhn and Robert Teszka

  24. 23. Action Video Games in the Spotlight: The Case of Attentional Control

    Daphne Bavelier and Julia Föcker

  25. 24. Stress and Attention

    Peter A. Hancock and Gerald Matthews

  26. 25. Attention Research in Marketing: A Review of Eye-Tracking Studies

    Michel Wedel

  27. 26. Exploring Attention in the “Reel” World: Visual and Auditory Influences on Reactions to Wins and Near Misses in Multiline Slot Machine Play

    Mike J. Dixon, Jeff Templeton, Karen Collins, Lisa Wojtowicz, Kevin A. Harrigan, Jonathan A. Fugelsang, and Vivian Siu

  28. 27. Attention in Educational Contexts: The Role of the Learning Task in Guiding Attention

    Andrew M. Olney, Evan F. Risko, Sidney K. D’Mello, and Arthur C. Graesser

  29. 28. Visual Attention in Sports

    Daniel Memmert

  30. Contributors
  31. Reviewers
  32. Plates
  33. Index