Identity, Character, and Morality

Essays in Moral Psychology

Many philosophers believe that normative ethics is in principle independent of psychology. By contrast, the authors of these essays explore the interconnections between psychology and moral theory. They investigate the psychological constraints on realizable ethical ideals and articulate the psychological assumptions behind traditional ethics. They also examine the ways in which the basic architecture of the mind, core emotions, patterns of individual development, social psychology, and the limits on human capacities for rational deliberation affect morality.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Introduction
  3. 1. Aspects of Identity and Agency

    Amélie Oksenberg Rorty and David Wong

  4. 2. Identity and Strong and Weak Evaluation

    Owen Flanagan

  5. 3. The Moral Life of a Pragmatist

    Ruth Anna Putnam

  6. 4. Natural Affection and Responsibility for Character: A Critique of Kantian Views of the Virtues

    Gregory Trianosky

  7. 5. On the Old Saw That Character Is Destiny

    Michele Moody-Adams

  8. 6. Hume and Moral Emotions

    Marcia Lind

  9. 7. The Place of Emotions in Kantian Morality

    Nancy Sherman

  10. 8. Vocation, Friendship, and Community: Limitations of the Personal-Impersonal Framework

    Lawrence A. Blum

  11. 9. Gender and Moral Luck

    Claudia Card

  12. 10. Friendship and Duty: Some Difficult Relations

    Michael Stocker

  13. 11. Trust, Affirmation, and Moral Character: A Critique of Kantian Morality

    Laurence Thomas

  14. 12. Why Honesty Is a Hard Virtue

    Annette C. Baier

  15. 13. Higher-Order Discrimination

    Adrian M. S. Piper

  16. 14. Obligation and Performance: A Kantian Account of Moral Conflict

    Barbara Herman

  17. 15. Rational Egoism, Self, and Others

    David O. Brink

  18. 16. Is Akratic Action Always Irrational?

    Alison McIntyre

  19. 17. Rationality, Responsibility, and Pathological Indifference

    Stephen L. White

  20. 18. Some Advantages of Virtue Ethics

    Michael Slote

  21. 19. On the Primacy of Character

    Gary Watson

  22. Bibliography
  23. Contributors