An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 1


An Invitation to Cognitive Science provides a point of entry into the vast realm of cognitive science, offering selected examples of issues and theories from many of its subfields. All of the volumes in the second edition contain substantially revised and as well as entirely new chapters.

Rather than surveying theories and data in the manner characteristic of many introductory textbooks in the field, An Invitation to Cognitive Science employs a unique case study approach, presenting a focused research topic in some depth and relying on suggested readings to convey the breadth of views and results. Each chapter tells a coherent scientific story, whether developing themes and ideas or describing a particular model and exploring its implications.

The volumes are self contained and can be used individually in upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses ranging from introductory psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, and decision sciences, to social psychology, philosophy of mind, rationality, language, and vision science.

Table of Contents

  1. List of Contributors
  2. Foreword
  3. The Study of Cognition

    Daniel N. Osherson

  4. The Cognitive Science of Language: Introduction

    Lila R. Gleitman and Mark Liberman

  5. 1. The Invention of Language by Children: Environmental and Biological Influences on the Acquisition of Language

    Lila R. Gleitman and Elissa L. Newport

  6. 2. The Case of the Missing Copula: The Interpretation of Zeroes in African-American English

    William Lubov

  7. 3. The Sound Structure of Mawu Words: A Case Study in the Cognitive Science of Speech

    Mark Liberman

  8. 4. Exploring Developmental Changes in Cross-Language Speech Perception

    Janet F. Werker

  9. 5. Why the Child Holded the Baby Rabbits: A Case Study in Language Acquisition

    Steven Pinker

  10. 6. Language Acquisition

    Steven Pinker

  11. 7. Speaking and Misspeaking

    Gary S. Dell

  12. 8. Comprehending Sentence Structure

    Janet Dean Fodor

  13. 9. Computational Aspects of the Theory of Grammar

    Mark Steedman

  14. 10. The Forms of Sentences

    Howard Lasnik

  15. 11. Lexical Semantics and Compositionality

    Barbara H. Partee

  16. 12. Semantics

    Richard Larson

  17. 13. Brain Regions of Relevance to Syntactic Processing

    Edgar B. Zurif

  18. 14. Some Philosophy of Language

    James Higginbotham

  19. Index