Lexical Representation and Process


How do humans understand and process language? The 18 contributions in Lexical Representation and Process provide a coherent and well-documented frame of reference for a field of study that is becoming central to both linguistics and psycholinguistics. They include a wide variety of approaches—from the radical alternative of new connectionist models, through new developments in traditional symbolic approaches, to the reemphasis on linguistic concepts as a crucial input to psycholinguistic models. Chapters are organized in sections covering psychological models of lexical processing, the nature of the input, lexical structure and process, and parsing and interpretation.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. 1. Access and Integration: Projecting Sound onto Meaning

    William Marslen-Wilson

  4. 2. Visual Word Recognition and Pronunciation: A Computational Model and Its Implications

    Mark S. Seidenberg

  5. 3. Basic Issues in Lexical Processing

    Kenneth I. Forster

  6. 4. Lexical Access in Speech Production

    Brian Butterworth

  7. 5. The Retrieval of Phonological Forms in Production: Test of Predictions from a Connectionist Model

    Gary S. Dell

  8. 6. Review of Selected Models of Speech Perception

    Dennis H. Klatt

  9. 7. Connectionist Approaches to Acoustic/Phonetic Processing

    Jeffrey L. Elman

  10. 8. Parafoveal Preview Effects and Lexical Access during Eye Fixations in Reading

    Keith Rayner and David A. Balota

  11. 9. Reading and the Mental Lexicon: On the Uptake of Visual Information

    Derek Besner and James C. Johnston

  12. 10. Understanding Words and Word Recognition: Can Phonology Help?

    Uli H. Frauenfielder and Aditi Lahiri

  13. 11. Auditory Lexical Access: Where Do We Start?

    Anne Cutler

  14. 12. On Mental Representation of Morphology and Its Diagnosis by Measures of Visual Access Speed

    Leslie Henderson

  15. 13. Morphological Parsing and the Lexicon

    Jorge Hankamer

  16. 14. Psycholinguistic Issues in the Lexical Representation of Meaning

    Robert Schreuder and Giovanni B. Flores D'Arcais

  17. 15. The Role of Lexical Representations in Language Comprehension

    Lorraine Komisarjevsky Tyler

  18. 16. Grammar, Interpretation, and Processing from the Lexicon

    Mark J. Steedman

  19. 17. Against Lexical Generation of Syntax

    Lyn Frazier

  20. 18. Lexical Structure and Language Comprehension

    Michael K. Tanenhaus and Greg N. Carlson

  21. List of Contributors
  22. Index