Mechanics of Robotic Manipulation


"Manipulation" refers to a variety of physical changes made to the world around us. Mechanics of Robotic Manipulation addresses one form of robotic manipulation, moving objects, and the various processes involved—grasping, carrying, pushing, dropping, throwing, and so on. Unlike most books on the subject, it focuses on manipulation rather than manipulators. This attention to processes rather than devices allows a more fundamental approach, leading to results that apply to a broad range of devices, not just robotic arms.

The book draws both on classical mechanics and on classical planning, which introduces the element of imperfect information. The book does not propose a specific solution to the problem of manipulation, but rather outlines a path of inquiry.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. 1. Manipulation
  3. 2. Kinematics
  4. 3. Kinematic Representation
  5. 4. Kinematic Manipulation
  6. 5. Rigid Body Statics
  7. 6. Friction
  8. 7. Quasistatic Manipulation
  9. 8. Dynamics
  10. 9. Impact
  11. 10. Dynamic Manipulation
  12. Appendix A Infinity
  13. References
  14. Author Index
  15. Subject Index