Knowing about Knowing

Metacognition offers an up-to-date compendium of major scientific issues involved in metacognition. The twelve original contributions provide a concise statement of theoretical and empirical research on self-reflective processes or knowing about what we know.

Self-reflective processes are often thought to be central to what we mean by consciousness and the personal self. Without such processes, one would presumably respond to stimuli in an automatized and environmentally bound manner—that is, without the characteristic patterns of behavior and introspection that are manifested as plans, strategies, reflections, self-control, self-monitoring, and intelligence.

A Bradford Book

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. 1. Why Investigate Metacognition?

    Thomas O. Nelson and Louis Narens

  4. 2. Frustrated Feelings of Imminent Recall: On the Tip of the Tongue

    Steven M. Smith

  5. 3. A New Look at Feeling of Knowing: Its Metacognitive Role in Regulating Question Answering

    Ann C. Miner and Lynne M. Reder

  6. 4. Subthreshold Priming and Memory Monitoring

    Louis Narens, Kimberly A. Jameson and V. A. Lee

  7. 5. Methodological Problems and Pitfalls in the Study of Human Metacognition

    Bennett L. Schwartz and Janet Metcalfe

  8. 6. Memory's Knowledge of Its Own Knowledge: The Accessibility Account of the Feeling of Knowing

    Asher Koriat

  9. 7. A Computational Modeling Approach to Novelty Monitoring, Metacognition, and Frontal Lobe Dysfunction

    Janet Metcalfe

  10. 8. Viewing Eyewitness Research from a Metacognitive Perspective

    Kenneth R. Weingardt, R. Jacob Leonesio and Elizabeth F. Loftus

  11. 9. Memory and Metamemory Considerations in the Training of Human Beings

    Robert A. Bjork

  12. 10. The Role of Metacognition in Problem Solving

    Janet E. Davidson, Rebecca Deuser and Robert J. Sternberg

  13. 11. Metacognitive Development in Adulthood and Old Age

    Christopher Hertzog and Roger A. Dixon

  14. 12. The Neuropsychology of Metacognition

    Arthur P. Shinamura

  15. References
  16. Contributors
  17. Author Index
  18. Subject Index