Musical Networks

Parallel Distributed Perception and Performance

This volume presents the most up-to-date collection of neural network models of music and creativity gathered together in one place. Chapters by leaders in the field cover new connectionist models of pitch perception, tonality, musical streaming, sequential and hierarchical melodic structure, composition, harmonization, rhythmic analysis, sound generation, and creative evolution. The collection combines journal papers on connectionist modeling, cognitive science, and music perception with new papers solicited for this volume. It also contains an extensive bibliography of related work.

Contributors: Shumeet Baluja, M.I. Bellgard, Michael A. Casey, Garrison W. Cottrell, Peter Desain, Robert O. Gjerdingen, Mike Greenhough, Niall Griffith, Stephen Grossberg, Henkjan Honing, Todd Jochem, Bruce F. Katz, John F. Kolen, Edward W. Large, Michael C. Mozer, Michael P.A. Page, Caroline Palmer, Jordan B. Pollack, Dean Pomerleau, Stephen W. Smoliar, Ian Taylor, Peter M. Todd, C.P. Tsang, Gregory M. Werner.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface

    Niall Griffith and Peter M. Todd

  2. 1. Modelling Pitch Perception with Adaptive Resonance Theory Artificial Neural Networks

    Ian Taylor and Mike Greenhough

  3. 2. Development of Tonal Centres and Abstract Pitch as Categorizations of Pitch Use

    Niall Griffith

  4. 3. Understanding Musical Sound with Forward Models and Physical Models

    Michael A. Casey

  5. 4. Resonance and the Perception of Musical Meter

    Edward W. Large and John F. Kolen

  6. 5. Modelling Musical Perception: A Critical View

    Stephen W. Smoliar

  7. 6. A Reply to S. W. Smoliar's 'Modelling Musical Perception: A Critical View'

    Peter Desain and Henkjan Honing

  8. 7. Pitch-based Streaming in Auditory Perception

    Stephen Grossberg

  9. 8. Apparent Motion in Music?

    Robert O. Gjerdingen

  10. 9. Modelling the Perception of Musical Sequences with Self-organizing Neural Networks

    Michael P. A. Page

  11. 10. An Ear for Melody

    Bruce F. Katz

  12. 11. Neural Network Music Composition by Prediction: Exploring the Benefits of Psychoacoustic Constraints and Multi-scale Processing

    Michael C. Mozer

  13. 12. Harmonizing Music the Boltzmann Way

    Matthew I. Bellgard and C. P. Tsang

  14. 13. Reduced Memory Representations for Music

    Edward W. Large, Caroline Palmer and Jordan B. Pollack

  15. 14. Frankensteinian Methods for Evolutionary Music Composition

    Peter M. Todd and Gregory M. Werner

  16. 15. Towards Automated Artificial Evolution for Computer-generated Images

    Shumeet Baluja, Dean Pomerleau and Todd Jochem

  17. 16. The Connectionist Air Guitar: A Dream Come True

    Garrison W. Cottrell

  18. Bibliography
  19. Contributors