Neural Networks and Natural Intelligence


Stephen Grossberg and his colleagues at Boston University's Center for Adaptive Systems are producing some of the most exciting research in the neural network approach to making computers "think." Packed with real-time computer simulations and rigorous demonstrations of these phenomena, this book includes results on vision, speech, cognitive information processing; adaptive pattern recognition, adaptive robotics, conditioning and attention, cognitive-emotional interactions, and decision making under risk.

Table of Contents

  1. List of Authors
  2. Preface
  3. 1. Cortical Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Form, Color, and Brightness Perception, I: Monocular Theory

    Stephen Grossberg

  4. 2. Cortical Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Form, Color, and Brightness Perception, II: Binocular Theory

    Stephen Grossberg

  5. 3. Neural Dynamics of 1-D and 2-D Brightness Perception: A Unified Model of Classical and Recent Phenomena

    Stephen Grossberg and Dejan Todorović

  6. 4. Computer Simulation of Neural Networks for Perceptual Psychology

    Stephen Grossberg and Ennie Mingolla

  7. 5. Competitive Learning: From Interactive Activation to Adaptive Resonance

    Stephen Grossberg

  8. 6. A Massively Parallel Architecture for a Self-Organizing Neural Pattern Recognition Machine

    Gail A. Carpenter and Stephen Grossberg

  9. 7. Masking Fields: A Massively Parallel Neural Architecture for Learning, Recognizing, and Predicting Multiple Grouping of Patterned Data

    Michael A. Cohen and Stephen Grossberg

  10. 8. Neural Dynamics of Attention Switching and Temporal Order Information in Short Term Memory

    Stephen Grossberg and Gregory Stone

  11. 9. Neural Dynamics of Attentionally-Modulated Pavlovian Conditioning: Blocking, Inter-Stimulus Interval, and Secondary Reinforcement

    Stephen Grossberg and Daniel S. Levin

  12. 10. Neural Dynamics of Attentionally-Modulated Pavlovian Conditioning: Conditioned Reinforcement, Inhibition, and Opponent Processing

    Stephen Grossberg and Nestor A. Schmajuk

  13. 11. Neural Dynamics of Decision Making under Risk: Affective Balance and Cognitive-Emotional Interactions

    Stephen Grossberg and William Gutowski

  14. 12. Neural Dynamics of Planned Arm Movements: Emergent Invariants and Speed-Accuracy Properties during Trajectory Formation

    Daniel Bullock and Stephen Grossberg

  15. Author Index
  16. Subject Index