ISBN: 9780262314695 | 330 pp. | August 2013


Neuroscience of Creativity


This volume offers a comprehensive overview of the latest neuroscientific approaches to the scientific study of creativity. In chapters that progress logically from neurobiological fundamentals to systems neuroscience and neuroimaging, leading scholars describe the latest theoretical, genetic, structural, clinical, functional, and applied research on the neural bases of creativity. The treatment is both broad and in depth, offering a range of neuroscientific perspectives with detailed coverage by experts in each area.

Following opening chapters that offer theoretical context, the contributors discuss such issues as the heritability of creativity; creativity in patients with brain damage, neurodegenerative conditions, and mental illness; clinical interventions and the relationship between psychopathology and creativity; neuroimaging studies of intelligence and creativity; neuroscientific basis of creativity-enhancing methodologies; and the information-processing challenges of viewing visual art.

Contributors: Baptiste Barbot, Mathias Benedek, David Q. Beversdorf, Aaron P. Blaisdell, Margaret A. Boden, Dorret I. Boomsma, Adam S. Bristol, Shelley Carson, M.H.M. de Moor, Andreas Fink, Liane Gabora, Dennis Garlick, Elena L. Grigorenko, Richard J. Haier, Rex E. Jung, James C. Kaufman, Helmut Leder, Kenneth J. Leising, Bruce L. Miller, Apara Ranjan, M.P. Roeling, W. David Stahlman, Mei Tan, Pablo P.L. Tinio, Oshin Vartanian, Indre V. Viskontas, Dahlia W. Zaidel

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Introduction
  3. 1. Creativity as a Neuroscientific Mystery

    Margaret A. Boden

  4. 2. How Insight Emerges in a Distributed, Content-Addressable Memory

    Liane Gabora and Apara Ranjan

  5. 3. There Is Room for Conditioning in the Creative Process: Associative Learning and the Control of Behavioral Variability

    W. David Stahlman, Kenneth J. Leising, Dennis Garlick, and Aaron P. Blaisdell

  6. 4. The Genetics of Creativity: The Generative and Receptive Sides of the Creativity Equation

    Baptiste Barbot, Mei Tan, and Elena L. Grigorenko

  7. 5. Creativity and Talent: Etiology of Familial Clustering

    Marleen H. M. de Moor, Mark Patrick Roeling, and Dorret I. Boomsma

  8. 6. Art and Dementia: How Degeneration of Some Brain Regions Can Lead to New Creative Impulses

    Indre V. Viskontas and Bruce L. Miller

  9. 7. Biological and Neuronal Underpinnings of Creativity in the Arts

    Dahlia W. Zaidel

  10. 8. Pharmacological Effects on Creativity

    David Q. Beversdorf

  11. 9. Creativity and Psychopathology: Shared Neurocognitive Vulnerabilities

    Shelley Carson

  12. 10. The Creative Brain: Brain Correlates Underlying the Generation of Original Ideas

    Andreas Fink and Mathias Benedek

  13. 11. Creativity and Intelligence: Brain Networks That Link and Differentiate the Expression of Genius

    Rex E. Jung and Richard J. Haier

  14. 12. Fostering Creativity: Insights from Neuroscience

    Oshin Vartanian

  15. 13. The Means to Art’s End: Styles, Creative Devices, and the Challenge of Art

    Pablo P. L. Tinio and Helmut Leder

  16. Contributors
  17. Index