Pattern Recognition by Self-Organizing Neural Networks


Pattern Recognition by Self-Organizing Neural Networks presents the most recent advances in an area of research that is becoming vitally important in the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and neural networks in general. The 19 articles take up developments in competitive learning and computational maps, adaptive resonance theory, and specialized architectures and biological connections.

Introductory survey articles provide a framework for understanding the many models involved in various approaches to studying neural networks. These are followed in Part 2 by articles that form the foundation for models of competitive learning and computational mapping, and recent articles by Kohonen, applying them to problems in speech recognition, and by Hecht-Nielsen, applying them to problems in designing adaptive lookup tables. Articles in Part 3 focus on adaptive resonance theory (ART) networks, selforganizing pattern recognition systems whose top-down template feedback signals guarantee their stable learning in response to arbitrary sequences of input patterns. In Part 4, articles describe embedding ART modules into larger architectures and provide experimental evidence from neurophysiology, event-related potentials, and psychology that support the prediction that ART mechanisms exist in the brain.

Contributors: J.P. Banquet, G.A. Carpenter, S. Grossberg, R. Hecht-Nielsen, T. Kohonen, B. Kosko, T.W. Ryan, N.A. Schmajuk, W. Singer, D. Stork, C. von der Malsburg, C.L. Winter.

Table of Contents

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  3. Editorial Preface
  4. 1. Neural Network Models for Pattern Recognition and Associative Memory

    Gail A. Carpenter

  5. 2. Nonlinear Neural Networks: Principles, Mechanisms, and Architectures

    Stephen Grossberg

  6. 3. Neural Pattern Discrimination

    Stephen Grossberg

  7. 4. Neural Expectation: Cerebellar and Retinal Analogs of Cells Fired by Learnable or Unlearned Pattern Classes

    Stephen Grossberg

  8. 5. Self-Organization of Orientation Sensitive Cells in the Striate Cortex

    Christoph von der Malsburg

  9. 6. Adaptive Pattern Classification and Universal Recoding, I: Parallel Development and Coding of Neural Feature Detectors

    Stephen Grossberg

  10. 7. The "Neural" Phonetic Typewriter

    Teuvo Kohonen

  11. 8. Counterpropagation Networks

    Robert Hecht-Nielsen

  12. 9. Adaptive Pattern Classification and Universal Recoding, II: Feedback, Expectation, Olfaction, and Illusions

    Stephen Grossberg

  13. 10. A Massively Parallel Architecture for A Self-Organizing Neural Pattern Recognition Machine

    Gail A. Carpenter and Stephen Grossberg

  14. 11. Variations on Adaptive Resonance

    T. W. Ryan and C. L. Winter

  15. 12. ART 2: Self-Organization of Stable Category Recognition Codes for Analog Input Patterns

    Gail A. Carpenter and Stephen Grossberg

  16. 13. Adaptive Bidirectional Associative Memories

    Bart Kosko

  17. 14. ART 3: Hierarchical Search Using Chemical Transmitters in Self-Organizing Pattern Recognition Architectures

    Gail A. Carpenter and Stephen Grossberg

  18. 15. ARTMAP: Supervised Real-Time Learning and Classification of Nonstationary Data by a Self-organizing Neural Network

    Gail A. Carpenter, Stephen Grossberg and John H. Reynolds

  19. 16. Neuronal Activity as a Shaping Factor in the Self Organization of Neuron Assemblies

    Wolf Singer

  20. 17. Probing Cognitive Processes Through The Structure of Event-Related Potentials: An Experimental and Theoretical Analysis

    Jean-Paul Banquet and Stephen Grossberg

  21. 18. Unitization, Automaticity, Temploral Order, and Word Recongnition

    Stephen Grossberg

  22. 19. Speech Perception and Production by a Self-Organizing Neural Network

    Michael A. Cohen, Stephen Grossberg and David Stork

  23. 20. Neural Dynamics of Adaptive Timing and Temporal Discrimination During Associative Learning

    Stephen Grossberg and Nestor A. Schmajuk

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