Perception, Cognition, and Language

Essays in Honor of Henry and Lila Gleitman

These original empirical research essays in the psychology of perception, cognition, and language were written in honor of Henry and Lila Gleitman, two of the most prominent psychologists of our time. The essays range across fields foundational to cognitive science, including perception, attention, memory, and language, using formal, experimental, and neuroscientific approaches to issues of representation and learning. An introduction provides a historical perspective on the development of the field from the 1960s onward. The contributors have all been colleagues and students of the Gleitmans, and the collection celebrates their influence on the field of cognitive science.

Contributors: Cynthia Fisher, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Katherine Hirsh-Pasek, John Jonides, Phillip Kellman, Michael Kelly, Donald S. Lamm, Barbara Landau, Jack Nachmias, Letitia Naigles, Elissa Newport, W. Gerrod Parrott, Daniel Reisberg, Robert A. Rescorla, Paul Rozin, John Sabini, Elizabeth Shipley, Thomas F. Shipley, John C. Trueswell.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. I. Introduction
  3. II. Colleagues and Teachers
  4. 1. Der Urgleit

    Jacob Nachmias

  5. 2. The Wordgleits

    Paul Rozin

  6. 3. Multiple Mentorship: One example of Henry Gleitman's Influence

    Robert A. Rescorla

  7. 4. Some Lessons from Henry and Lila Gleitman

    John Sabini

  8. 5. Gleitology: The Birth of a New Science

    Donald S. Lamm

  9. III. Perception, Cognition, and Language
  10. 6. Children's Categorization of Objects: The Relevance of Behavior, Surface Appearance, and Insides

    Elizabeth F. Shipley

  11. 7. Mechanisms of Verbal Working Memory Revealed by Neuroimaging

    John Jonides

  12. 8. A Nativist's View of Learning: How to Combine the Gleitmans in a Theory of Language Acquisition

    Elissa L. Newport

  13. 9. Learning with and without a Helping Hand

    Susan Goldin-Meadow

  14. 10. The Detachment Gain: The Advantage of Thinking Out Loud

    Daniel Reisberg

  15. 11. An Update on Gestalt Psychology

    Philip J. Kellman

  16. 12. Beyond Shipley, Smith, and Gleitman: Young Children's Comprehension of Bound Morphemes

    Katherine Hirsh-Pasek

  17. 13. Language and Space

    Barbara Landau

  18. 14. The Psychologist of Avon: Emotion in Elizabethan Psychology and the Plays of Shakespeare

    W. Gerrod Parrott

  19. 15. Manipulating the Input: Studies in Mental Verb Acquisition

    Letitia R. Naigles

  20. 16. Partial Sentence Structure as an Early Constraint on Language Acquisition

    Cynthia Fisher

  21. 17. Perception of Persistence: Stability and Change

    Thomas F. Shipley

  22. 18. Putting some Oberon into Cognitive Science

    Michael Kelly

  23. 19. The Organization and Use of the Lexicon for Language Comprehension

    John C. Trueswell

  24. Contributors
  25. Index