Readings on Color

The Philosophy of Color

Color is an endlessly fascinating subject to philosophers, scientists, and laypersons, as well an an instructive microcosm of cognitive science. In these two anthologies, Alex Byrne and David Hilbert present a survey of the important recent philosophical and scientific writings on color. The introduction to volume 1 provides a philosophical background and links the philosophical issues to the empirical work covered in volume 2.

The bibliography in volume 1 is an extensive resource for those doing philosophical work on color. The scientific selections in volume 2 present work in color science that is relevant to philosophical thinking about color; the material is comprehensive and sophisticated enough to be useful to the scientific reader. The introduction to volume 2 is an overview of color science; the volume also contains suggestions for further reading.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Sources
  3. Introduction
  4. 1. On Some Criticisms of a Physicalist Theory of Colors

    J. J. C. Smart

  5. 2. Color and the Anthropocentric Problem

    Edward Wilson Averill

  6. 3. Smart and the Secondary Qualities

    D. M. Armstrong

  7. 4. Reply to Armstrong

    J. J. C. Smart

  8. 5. Colour Concepts and Colour Experience

    Christopher Peacocke

  9. 6. An Objectivist's Guide To Subjectivism About Colour

    Frank Jackson and Robert Pargetter

  10. 7. Colour as a Secondary Quality

    Paul A. boghossian and J. David Velleman

  11. 8. Physicalist Theories of Color

    Paul A. boghossian and J. David Velleman

  12. 9. How to Speak of the Colors

    Mark Johnston

  13. 10. A Simple View of Colour

    John Campbell

  14. 11. The Autonomy of Colour

    Justin Broackes

  15. 12. Phenomenal Character

    Sydney Shoemaker

  16. 13. Explaining Objective Color in Terms of Subjective Reactions

    Gilbert Harman

  17. 14. Colors and Reflectances

    Alex Byrne and David R. Hilbert

  18. 15. Reinverting the Spectrum

    C. L. Hardin

  19. Bibliography
  20. Contributors
  21. Index