Reproduction in Context

Social and Environmental Influences on Reproduction

Historically, reproductive science has focused on reproductive behaviors divorced from the contexts in which they occur. Taking a more integrated view, this book explores the neuroendocrine bases of reproduction in relation to their environmental and social contexts. The contributors provide compelling accounts of reproductive behaviors in animals ranging from turtles and lizards to humans and nonhuman primates. They examine these behaviors from the perspectives of ethology, endocrinology, behavioral genetics, and evolutionary ecology. Together, they illuminate the dynamic interplay between the ecological and social contexts of a species and the biological mechanisms regulating reproductive behavior. The book shows how an appreciation of the full complexity of the context of reproduction actually simplifies and clarifies our understanding of reproductive behavior.

Contributors: Gregory F. Ball, George E. Bentley, Franklin H. Bronson, David Crews, Jeffrey A. French, Michael R. Gorman, Kay E. Holecamp, Jerry D. Jacobs, Sabra L. Klein, Theresa M. Lee, Donna L. Maney, Martha K. McClintock, Simone Meddle, Randy J. Nelson, Nicole Perfito, Emilie F. Rissman, Colleen M. Schafner, Patricia A. Schiml, Jill E. Schneider, Rae Silver, Ann-Judith Silverman, Laura Smale, Kira Soma, Jennifer M. Swann, Anthony D. Tramontin, George N. Wade, Kim Wallen, Scott R. Wersinger, John C. Wingfield, Ruth I. Wood.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. 1. Introduction to the Study of Reproduction in Context

    Jill E. Schneider

  4. IA. Environmental Context: Energy Balance and Reproduction
  5. 2. Puberty and Energy Reserves: A Walk on the Wild Side

    Franklin H. Bronson

  6. 3. Inhibition of Reproduction in Service of Energy Balance

    Jill E. Schneider and George N. Wade

  7. IB. Environmental Context: Integration of Environmental Factors in Birds
  8. 4. Toward an Ecological Basis of Hormone-Behavior Interactions in Reproduction of Birds

    John C. Wingfield, Jerry D. Jacobs, Anthony D. Tramontin, Nicole Perfito, Simone Meddle, Donna L. Maney, and Kiran Soma

  9. 5. Neuroendocrine Mechanisms Mediating the Photoperiodic and Social Regulation of Seasonal Reproduction in Birds

    Gregory F. Ball and George E. Bentley

  10. 6. Sex and Brain Secretions

    Rae Silver and Ann-Judith Silverman

  11. IC. Environmental Context: Integration of Environmental Factors in Mammals
  12. 7. Timing of Reproduction by the Integration of Photoperiod with Other Seasonal Signals

    Theresa M. Lee and Michael R. Gorman

  13. 8. Environmental and Social Influences on Seasonal Breeding and Immune Function

    Randy J. Nelson and Sabra L. Klein

  14. 9. Feisty Females and Meek Males: Reproductive Strategies in the Spotted Hyena

    Kay E. Holekamp and Laura Smale

  15. IIA. Social Context and Reproductive Behavior
  16. 10. Risky Business: Social Context and Hormonal Modulation of Primate Sexual Desire

    Kim Wallen

  17. 11. Contextual Influences on Sociosexual Behavior in Monogamous Primates

    Jeffrey A. French and Colleen M. Schaffner

  18. 12. Human Pheromones: Primers, Releasers, Signalers, or Modulators?

    Martha K. McClintock

  19. IIB. Social Context and Mechanisms Underlying Behavior
  20. 13. Neuronal Integration of Chemosensory and Hormonal Signals in the Control of Male Sexual Behavior

    Ruth I. Wood and Jennifer M. Swann

  21. 14. Behavioral Activation of the Female Neuroendocrine Axis

    Patricia A. Schiml, Scott R. Wersinger, and Emilie F. Rissman

  22. 15. Sexuality: The Environmental Organization of Phenotypic Plasticity

    David Crews

  23. Contributors
  24. Author Index
  25. Subject Index