Semantics and Syntax in Lexical Functional Grammar

The Resource Logic Approach
Edited by Mary Dalrymple

A new, deductive approach to the syntax-semantics interface integrates two mature and successful lines of research: logical deduction for semantic composition and the Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) approach to the analysis of linguistic structure. It is often referred to as the "glue" approach because of the role of logic in "gluing" meanings together.

The "glue" approach has attracted significant attention from, among others, logicians working in the relatively new and active field of linear logic; linguists interested in a novel deductive approach to the interface between syntax and semantics within a nontransformational, constraint-based syntactic framework; and computational linguists and computer scientists interested in an approach to semantic composition that is grounded in a conceptually simple but powerful computational framework.This introduction to and overview of the "glue" approach is the first book to bring together the research of the major contributors to the field.

Contributors: Richard Crouch, Mary Dalrymple, John Fry, Vineet Gupta, Mark Johnson, Andrew Kehler, John Lamping, Dick Oehrle, Fernando Pereira, Vijay Saraswat, Josef van Genabith.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Contributors
  3. 1. Overview and Introduction

    Mary Dalrymple, John Lamping, Fernando Pereira and Vijay Saraswat

  4. 2. Quantification, Anaphora, and Intensionality

    Mary Dalrymple, John Lamping, Fernando Pereira and Vijay Saraswat

  5. 3. Proof Nets and Negative Polarity Licensing

    John Fry

  6. 4. Context Change, Underspecification, and the Structure of Glue Language Derivations

    Richard Crouch and Josef van Genabith

  7. 5. Resource Sharing in Glue Language Semantics

    Andrew Kehler, Mary Dalryple, John Lamping and Vijay Saraswat

  8. 6. Dynamic and Underspecified Semantics for LFG

    Josef van Genabith and Richard Crouch

  9. 7. Relating Resource-based Semantics to Categorial Semantics

    Mary Dalrymple, Vineet Gupta, John Lamping and Vijay Saraswat

  10. 8. LFG as Concurrent Constraint Programming

    Vijay Saraswat

  11. 9. LFG as Labeled Deduction

    Dirck Oehrle

  12. 10. Type-driven Semantic Interpretation and Feature Dependencies in R-LFG

    Mark Johnson

  13. Author Index
  14. Subject Index