Situating Semantics

Essays on the Philosophy of John Perry

John Perry, Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University, is one of a handful of contemporary analytic philosophers to combine the focused approach of most current work in analytic philosophy with the more expansive systems-building of earlier analytic philosophers and contemporary philosophers in other disciplines. Perry, like W.V.O. Quine, Donald Davison, David Lewis, and Hilary Putnam, focuses on narrow topics across a broad range of subjects. In this volume, leading contemporary analytic philosophers contribute original essays in each of the areas that have been most influenced by Perry's work—metaphysics, language, and mind. Perry himself contributes detailed and original replies. After a comprehensive introduction to Perry's work by the editors that places semantics at the heart of Perry's philosophical strategy, the essays discuss Perry's contributions to the metaphysics of identity, the philosophy of language—in particular, contributions related to reference and unarticulated constituents—and the philosophy of mind. The essays and replies provide new perspectives on Perry's philosophical contributions over the last four decades, and yield insights into contemporary debates on these topics.

Contributors: Robert Audi, Kent Bach, Patricia Blanchette, Herman Cappelen, Eros Corazza, Ernie Lepore, Brian Loar, Peter Ludlow, Genoveva Marti, Michael McKinsey, Stephen Neale, Michael O'Rourke, John Perry, François Recanati, Cara Spencer, Kenneth A. Taylor, Corey Washington

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. 1. Situating Semantics: An Overview of the Philosophy of John Perry

    Michael O'Rourke and Corey Washington

  4. I.
  5. 2. Prospects for a Naturalization of Practical Reason: Instrumentalism and the Normative Authority of Desire

    Robert Audi

  6. 3. Mathematical Objects and Identity

    Patricia Blanchette

  7. 4. Substitution, Identity, and the Subject-Predicate Structure

    Genoveva Martí

  8. II.
  9. 5. Relativized Propositions

    François Recanati

  10. 6. Understanding Temporal Indexicals

    Peter Ludlow

  11. 7. Is There a Problem of the Essential Indexical?

    Cara Spencer

  12. 8. The Myth of Unarticulated Constituents

    Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore

  13. 9. Misplaced Modification and the Illusion of Opacity

    Kenneth A. Taylor

  14. 10. On Location

    Stephen Neale

  15. 11. Reflections on Reference and Reflexivity

    Kent Bach

  16. III.
  17. 12. Thinking the Unthinkable: An Excursion Into Z-Land

    Eros Corazza

  18. 13. Thinking about Qualia

    Brian Loar

  19. 14. A Refutation of Qualia-Physicalism

    Michael McKinsey

  20. IV.
  21. 15. Situating Semantics: A Response

    John Perry

  22. Bibliography of John Perry's Publications
  23. Index