The Virtual Score

Representation, Retrieval, Restoration

The Virtual Score examines a broad range of approaches to working with musical scores in ways suited to electronic distribution. The first section, on musical representation and interchange, discusses early music and its multiple editorial stances, scores in Braille musical notation (with and without NIFF), the GUIDO format for "adequate" (as opposed to comprehensive) music representation, Extensible Markup Language (XML) and music, and the latest methods for distributing scores online. The second section discusses retrieval and/or analysis of data from encoded melodies. The final section discusses the use of image-processing software to restore lost features of primary sources of music prints and manuscripts, to archive the original and/or restored images, and, in some cases, to facilitate electronic access to the images.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. 1. Corpus Mensurablis Musice "Electonicum": Toward a Flexible Electronic Representation of Music in Mensural Notation

    Theodor Dumitrescu

  3. 2. Representing a Medieval Repertory and its Sources: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen

    Stefan Morent

  4. 3. NIFF Transcription and Generation of Braille Musical Scores

    Didier Langolff, Nadine Baptiste-Jessel and Danny Levy

  5. 4. An Extensible System for Conversion of Musical-Notation Data to Braille Musical Notation

    Silas Brown

  6. 5. Representing Score-Level Music Using the GUIDO Music-Notation Format

    Holger Hoos, Keith Hamel, Kai Renz and Jürgen Kilian

  7. 6. Extensible Markup Language (XML) for Music Applications: An Introduction

    Gerd Castan, Michael Good and Perry Roland

  8. 7. NIFFML: An XML Implementation of the Notation Interchange File Format

    Gerd Castan

  9. 8. MusicXML for Notation and Analysis

    Michael Good

  10. 9. MDL and MusiCat: An XML Approach to Musical Data and Meta-Data

    Perry Roland

  11. 10. The Electronic Dissemination of Notated Music: An Overview

    Don Anthony, Charles Cronin and Elenor Selfridge-Field

  12. 11. Mapping European Folksong: Geographical Localization of Musical Features

    Bret Aarden and David Huron

  13. 12. Defining the Features of Monophonic Vocal Melodies

    Jane Singer

  14. 13. The Software: A DARMS Parser for Hymn Tune Searching

    Jim Stanley and Antony Kearns

  15. 14. Digitization of Musical Sources: An Overview

    William Koseluk

  16. 15. The Art of Virtual Restoration: Creating the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM)

    Andrew Wathey, Margaret Bent and Julia Craig-McFeely

  17. 16. Image-Enhancement Procedures for Medieval Manuscripts

    Alejandro Enrique Planchart

  18. 17. Computer Collation of Divergent Early Prints in the Byrd Edition

    Philip Brett and Jeremy Smith

  19. 18. The Digital Imaging of Wavemarks

    Dexter Edge

  20. 19. The Making of Electronic Facsimile: Berg's Sketches for Wozzeck

    Patricia Hall

  21. Publications and Software Received
  22. Index