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Representation and RealityHilary Putnam1991-08-28
Plasticity of DevelopmentSteven Brauth, Robert J. Dooling, William S. Hall1991-07-15
Categorization and Naming in ChildrenEllen M Markman1991-05-02
Pattern Recognition by Self-Organizing Neural NetworksGail A. Carpenter, Stephen Grossberg1991-04-18
The Science of the MindOwen Flanagan1991-03-05
Explaining BehaviorFred Dretske1991-02-05
Meaning and Mental RepresentationRobert Cummins1991-02-05
MicrocognitionAndy Clark1991-02-05
About TimeWilliam Friedman1990-09-01
NeurocomputingJames A. Anderson, Edward Rosenfeld1989-12-18
Explorations in Parallel Distributed Processing - Macintosh versionJames L. McClelland, David E. Rumelhart1989-10-13
InductionJohn H. Holland, Keith J. Holyoak, Keith J. Holyoak, Richard E. Nisbett, Paul Thagard1989-03-03
The Psychobiology of Down SyndromeLynn Nadel1988-10-27
Perspectives in Memory ResearchMichael S. Gazzaniga1988-09-22
Parallel Distributed Processing, Volume 1David E. Rumelhart, James L. McClelland, PDP Research Group1987-07-29
Parallel Distributed Processing, Volume 2James L. McClelland, David E. Rumelhart, PDP Research Group1987-07-29
Scientific DiscoveryPatrick W. Langley, Gary Bradshaw, Herbert A. Simon, Jan M. Zytkow1987-03-28
Production System Models of Learning and DevelopmentDavid Klahr, Patrick W. Langley, Robert T. Neches1987-01-26
NeurophilosophyPatricia Smith Churchland1986-04-29
Computation and CognitionZenon W. Pylyshyn1986-02-07
Language, Thought, and Other Biological CategoriesRuth Garrett Millikan1984-04-13
The Modularity of MindJerry A. Fodor1983-04-06
BrainstormsDaniel C. Dennett1981-07-13