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Prenatal Testosterone in MindSimon Baron-Cohen, Svetlana Lutchmaya, Rebecca Knickmeyer2006-03-01
Cognitive PragmaticsBruno G. Bara2010-08-13
An Introduction to Natural ComputationDana H. Ballard1999-01-22
The Shattered SelfPierre Baldi2002-09-09
PainMurat Aydede2006-01-01
Mind in Everyday Life and Cognitive ScienceSunny Y. Auyang2001-04-02
Zen and the BrainJames H. Austin1998-02-06
The Native Mind and the Cultural Construction of NatureScott Atran, Douglas L. Medin2008-03-24
Scenario VisualizationRobert Arp2008-04-10
Language, Music, and the BrainMichael A. Arbib2013-07-26
Do Apes Read Minds?Kristin Andrews2012-08-31
NeurocomputingJames A. Anderson, Edward Rosenfeld1989-12-18
Individual and Collective Memory ConsolidationThomas J. Anastasio, Kristen Ann Ehrenberger, Patrick Watson, Wenyi Zhang2012-04-16
Species of MindColin Allen, Marc Bekoff1997-10-10
Truly Human EnhancementNicholas Agar2014-01-31
The Foundations of Cognitive ArchaeologyMarc A. Abramiuk2012-09-03
Neural Codes and Distributed RepresentationsLaurence F. Abbott, Terrence J. Sejnowski1999-08-20
Dolphin Communication and CognitionDenise Herzing, Christine M. Johnson2015-10-30
The Ancient Origins of ConsciousnessTodd E. Feinberg, Jon M. Mallatt2016-06-08
The Myth of the Moral BrainHarris Wiseman2016-02-19
Music, Cognition, and Computerized SoundPerry R. Cook2001-01-26
The Origins of MusicNils L. Walin, Björn Merker, Steven Brown2001-09-01
Beyond VersusJames Tabery2014-06-13