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Language Development and Learning to ReadDiane McGuinness2006-11-01
The Boundaries of BabelAndrea Moro2008-07-25
The Psychobiology of Down SyndromeLynn Nadel1988-10-27
Language Form and Language FunctionFrederick J. Newmeyer1998-11-20
Situating SemanticsMichael O'Rourke, Corey Washington2007-09-30
An Introduction to Fuzzy SetsWitold Pedrycz, Fernando Gomide1998-04-10
Computational Molecular BiologyPavel A. Pevzner2000-08-21
Learnability and CognitionSteven Pinker2013-08-31
Connections and SymbolsSteven Pinker, Jacques Mehler1988-06-20
Exercises in Rethinking InnatenessKim Plunkett, Jeffrey Elman1997-04-25
Cognitive ModelingThad Polk, Colleen Seifert2002-08-15
Mind as MotionRobert F. Port, Timothy van Gelder1998-01-09
The Foundations of Cognitive ScienceMichael I. Posner1993-08-23
Furnishing the MindJesse J. Prinz2004-09-01
Beyond the Cognitive MapA. David Redish1999-07-16
The Human Semantic PotentialTerry Regier1996-09-01
Timing of BehaviorDavid A. Rosenbaum, Charles E. Collyer1998-07-24
Distributed Cognition and the WillDon Ross, David Spurrett, Harold Kincaid, G. Lynn Stephens2007-09-30
Computational Developmental PsychologyThomas R. Shultz2003-05-01
On the Origin of ObjectsBrian Cantwell Smith1998-01-09
A Dynamic Systems Approach to DevelopmentLinda B. Smith, Esther Thelen1993-09-21
Neurodevelopmental DisordersHelen Tager-Flusberg1999-07-30
Learnability in Optimality TheoryBruce Tesar, Paul Smolensky2000-05-15
Principle B, VP Ellipsis, and Interpretation in Child GrammarRosalind Thornton, Kenneth Wexler1999-09-17
Attention and Performance XVIInui Toshio, James L. McClelland1996-04-24
Attention and Performance XVCarlo Umiltà, Morris Moscovitch1994-08-10
Rhyme and ReasonJuan Uriagereka1998-10-23
Why So Slow?Virginia Valian1999-01-07
Psychologists in Word and ImageNicholas Wade1995-03-31
A Logical JourneyHao Wang1997-01-10