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Working MinimalismSamuel David Epstein, Norbert Hornstein1999-11-12
Verbal ComplexesHilda Koopman, Anna Szabolcsi2000-11-13
Understanding Language UnderstandingAshwin Ram, Kenneth Moorman1999-05-14
Truth in ContextMichael P. Lynch1998-12-22
Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Volume 2Leonard Talmy2003-03-01
Theory and EvidenceBarbara Koslowski1996-07-01
SyntacticaRichard K. Larson, David S. Warren, Juliana Freire de Lima e Silva, Konstantinos Sagonas1996-02-15
Syntactic Process, TheMark Steedman2001-09-01
SpeakingWillem J. M. Levelt1993-08-26
Sentence ComprehensionDavid Townsend, Thomas G. Bever2001-05-28
Self-Organizing Social Mind, TheJohn Bolender2010-09-30
Readings in Philosophy and Cognitive ScienceAlvin I. Goldman1993-11-19
PsychologyGregory A. Kimble1995-11-21
Prosodic Model of Sign Language Phonology, ADiane Brentari1999-03-05
Production System Models of Learning and DevelopmentDavid Klahr, Patrick W. Langley, Robert T. Neches1987-01-26
Perception, Cognition, and LanguageBarbara Landau, John Sabini, John Jonides, Elissa L. Newport2000-07-24
Optimality-Theoretic SyntaxGéraldine Legendre, Jane Grimshaw, Sten Vikner2001-04-02
Morphology and ComputationRichard Sproat1992-04-15
Mind as MotionRobert F. Port, Timothy van Gelder1998-01-09
Methods for Assessing Children's SyntaxDana McDaniel, Cecile McKee, Helen Smith Cairns1998-07-31
Looking into PicturesHeiko Hecht, Robert Schwartz, Margaret Atherton2003-06-01
Lexical Representation and ProcessWilliam D. Marslen-Wilson1991-11-21
Learnability and Cognition, New EditionSteven Pinker2013-08-31
Language, Consciousness, CultureRay S. Jackendoff2007-08-10
Knowledge, Concepts, and CategoriesKoen Lamberts, David Shanks1997-10-31
In Critical ConditionJerry A. Fodor2000-01-27
How Language Comes to ChildrenBénédicte de Boysson-Bardies2001-02-19
Generative Lexicon, TheJames Pustejovsky1998-01-09
Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge EngineeringNikola Kasabov1996-10-11
Foundations of Cognitive PsychologyDaniel J. Levitin2002-09-09
Electric WordsYorick A. Wilks, Brian M Slator, Louise Guthrie1996-01-23
Discovery of Spoken Language, ThePeter W. Jusczyk1997-01-10
Concepts, Kinds, and Cognitive DevelopmentFrank C. Keil1992-01-30
Cognitive Models of Speech ProcessingGerry T. M. Altmann1995-03-02
Categorization and Naming in ChildrenEllen M Markman1991-05-02
Attention and Performance XVIIDaniel Gopher, Asher Koriat1999-04-16
Attention and Performance XVIInui Toshio, James L. McClelland1996-04-24
Arguments as RelationsJohn Bowers2010-10-29
Algebraic Mind, TheGary F. Marcus2003-03-01
Acquisition of the Lexicon, TheLila Gleitman, Barbara Landau1994-10-13