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Artificial LifeChristopher G. Langton1997-01-22
The Cognitive Science of SciencePaul Thagard2012-05-31
Concepts and Fuzzy LogicRadim Belohlavek, George J. Klir2011-11-04
Concepts, Kinds, and Cognitive DevelopmentFrank C. Keil1992-01-30
The Contours of AgencySarah Buss, Lee Overton2002-06-01
Dialogues with DavidsonJeff Malpas2011-08-05
Dynamics in ActionAlicia Juarrero2002-02-07
Electric WordsYorick A. Wilks, Brian M Slator, Louise Guthrie1996-01-23
Foundations of Cognitive PsychologyDaniel J. Levitin2002-09-09
From Molecule to MetaphorJerome Feldman2006-06-02
The Geometry of MeaningPeter Gärdenfors2014-02-28
HAL's LegacyDaniel C. Dennett, Ravi Iyer, David Kuck, Raymond Kurzweil, Doug Lenat, Joseph Olive, Rosalind W. Picard, Azriel Rosenfeld, Roger Schank, David G. Stork, David Wilkins1998-02-06
Handling Digital BrainsMorana Alač2011-05-27
How Children Learn the Meanings of WordsPaul Bloom2002-03-07
In Critical ConditionJerry A. Fodor2000-01-27
Investigations in Universal GrammarStephen Crain, Rosalind Thornton1998-05-24
An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 1Lila Gleitman, Mark Liberman, Daniel N. Osherson1995-10-16
Knowledge of MeaningRichard K. Larson, Gabriel M.A. Segal1995-09-23
Language, Brain, and Cognitive DevelopmentEmmanuel Dupoux2001-10-01
Language, Music, and the BrainMichael A. Arbib2013-07-26
Language, Thought, and Other Biological CategoriesRuth Garrett Millikan1984-04-13
LinguisticsAdrian Akmajian, Richard A. Demers, Ann K. Farmer, Robert M. Harnish2001-09-01
Meaning and Mental RepresentationRobert Cummins1991-02-05
Metaphor in ContextJosef Stern2000-11-13
The Metaphysics of MeaningJerrold J. Katz1990-10-16
MindblindnessSimon Baron-Cohen1995-02-24
Moral Psychology, Volume 2Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2008-01-31
The Musical RepresentationCharles O. Nussbaum2007-12-31
Oratio Obliqua, Oratio RectaFrancois Recanati2000-08-28
Parallel Distributed Processing, Volume 1David E. Rumelhart, James L. McClelland, PDP Research Group1987-07-29
The Politics of DenialMichael A. Milburn, Sheree D. Conrad1998-01-09
Presumptive MeaningsStephen C. Levinson2000-04-24
Representation and RealityHilary Putnam1991-08-28
Representations, Targets, and AttitudesRobert Cummins1996-01-23
The Revision Theory of TruthAnil Gupta, Nuel Belnap1993-03-18
Schools for ThoughtJohn T. Bruer1994-08-22
Semantics and Syntax in Lexical Functional GrammarMary Dalrymple1999-04-09
The Shape of ActionsHarry M. Collins, Martin Kusch1999-01-22
The Simple Genetic AlgorithmMichael D. Vose1999-08-27
Spatial Schemas and Abstract ThoughtMerideth Gattis2003-03-01
Theory and EvidenceBarbara Koslowski1996-07-01
Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Volume 1Leonard Talmy2003-03-01
Toward a Science of ConsciousnessStuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak, Alwyn C. Scott1996-03-26
VaguenessRosanna Keefe, Peter Smith1997-08-14
Varieties of MeaningRuth Garrett Millikan2007-02-01
Where the Action IsPaul Dourish2004-09-01
Wittgenstein in ExileJames C. Klagge2011-02-01
Word and ObjectWillard Van Orman Quine2013-02-22
Zen and the BrainJames H. Austin1998-02-06