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Psychologists in Word and ImageNicholas Wade1995-03-31
An Introduction to Neural NetworksJames A. Anderson1995-03-16
MindblindnessSimon Baron-Cohen1995-02-24
Cognition in the WildEdwin Hutchins1995-02-10
Philosophical PsychopathologyGeorge Graham, G. Lynn Stephens1995-01-10
Dialogues on PerceptionBela Julesz1994-11-17
Memory Systems 1994Daniel L. Schacter, Endel Tulving1994-09-22
Attention and Performance XVCarlo Umiltà, Morris Moscovitch1994-08-10
From Animals to Animats 3David Cliff, Phil Husbands, Jean-Arcady Meyer, Stewart W. Wilson1994-07-27
The Sexual BrainSimon LeVay1994-07-25
The Psychology of ProofLance J. Rips1994-03-08
Consciousness ReconsideredOwen Flanagan1993-12-10
Readings in Philosophy and Cognitive ScienceAlvin I. Goldman1993-11-19
Intelligent Behavior in Animals and RobotsDavid Mcfarland, Tom Bösser1993-09-28
The Foundations of Cognitive ScienceMichael I. Posner1993-08-23
Global NetworksLinda M. Harasim1993-08-02
The Revision Theory of TruthAnil Gupta, Nuel Belnap1993-03-18
The Computational BrainPatricia Smith Churchland, Terrence J. Sejnowski1992-06-12
A Neurocomputational PerspectivePaul M. Churchland1992-04-22
The Unity of the SelfStephen White1991-10-30
Neural Network Learning and Expert SystemsStephen I. Gallant1991-10-17
Plasticity of DevelopmentSteven Brauth, Robert J. Dooling, William S. Hall1991-07-15
Pattern Recognition by Self-Organizing Neural NetworksGail A. Carpenter, Stephen Grossberg1991-04-18
The Natural and the NormativeGary Hatfield1991-01-10
What the Hands Reveal about the BrainHoward Poizner, Edward Klima, Ursula Bellugi1990-03-14
Theoretical Perspectives on Language DeficitsYosef Grodzinsky1990-02-27
Vision, Brain, and Cooperative ComputationMichael A. Arbib, Allen R. Hanson1990-01-24
NeurocomputingJames A. Anderson, Edward Rosenfeld1989-12-18
The Psychobiology of Down SyndromeLynn Nadel1988-10-27
Perspectives in Memory ResearchMichael S. Gazzaniga1988-09-22
Parallel Distributed Processing, Volume 2James L. McClelland, David E. Rumelhart, PDP Research Group1987-07-29
NeurophilosophyPatricia Smith Churchland1986-04-29
Biological Perspectives on LanguageDavid Caplan1984-07-03