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The Nature of InsightJanet E. Davidson, Robert J. Sternberg1994-11-07
Norms of NaturePaul Sheldon Davies2003-03-01
A Natural History of Natural TheologyHelen De Cruz, Johan De Smedt2014-12-19
The Subject's MatterFrederique De Vignemont, Adrian J. T. Alsmith2017-12-08
EmpathyJean Decety2012-01-02
Crisis on CampusWilfried Decoo2002-01-01
Understanding IgnoranceDaniel R. DeNicola2017-08-11
BrainstormsDaniel C. Dennett1981-07-13
Elbow RoomDaniel C. Dennett2015-09-15
Brainstorms, Fortieth Anniversary EditionDaniel C. Dennett2017-12-08
BrainchildrenDaniel C. Dennett1998-01-30
Evolution and LearningDavid J. Depew, Bruce H. Weber2007-05-03
The Myth of the IntuitiveMax Deutsch2015-04-24
The Realistic SpiritCora Diamond1995-03-02
Changing MindsAndrea diSessa2001-10-01
Time and RealismYuval Dolev2007-10-31
Where the Action IsPaul Dourish2004-09-01
Explaining BehaviorFred Dretske1991-02-05
Naturalizing The MindFred Dretske1997-08-01
Language, Brain, and Cognitive DevelopmentEmmanuel Dupoux2001-10-01
What Is Cognitive Science?Barbara Von Eckardt1995-03-02
The Closed WorldPaul N. Edwards1996-04-08
Sex and the BrainGillian Einstein2007-11-30
Real Natures and Familiar ObjectsCrawford L. Elder2005-09-01
True EnoughCatherine Z. Elgin2017-10-13
Strong FeelingsJon Elster2000-07-31
Better Than Conscious?Christoph Engel, Wolf Singer2008-05-30
OstensionChad Engelland2014-10-31
Working MinimalismSamuel David Epstein, Norbert Hornstein1999-11-12
Protocol Analysis, Revised EditionK. Anders Ericsson, Herbert A. Simon1993-04-13
A Final AccountingEdward Erwin1995-12-12
Cognitive Science in MedicineDavid A Evans, Vimla L Patel1989-04-03
Perceptual LearningManfred Fahle, Tomaso A. Poggio2002-04-30
From Molecule to MetaphorJerome Feldman2006-06-02
Creative CognitionRonald A. Finke, Steven M. Smith, Thomas B. Ward1996-01-05
Emil du Bois-ReymondGabriel Finkelstein2013-11-22
Identity, Character, and MoralityOwen Flanagan, Amélie Oksenberg Rorty1993-08-26
Consciousness ReconsideredOwen Flanagan1993-12-10
The Really Hard ProblemOwen Flanagan2007-11-01
The Bodhisattva's BrainOwen Flanagan2011-10-03
The Science of the MindOwen Flanagan1991-03-05
The Modularity of MindJerry A. Fodor1983-04-06
In Critical ConditionJerry A. Fodor2000-01-27
The Mind Doesn't Work That WayJerry A. Fodor2001-09-01
PsychosemanticsJerry A. Fodor1989-09-07
A Theory of Content and Other EssaysJerry A. Fodor1992-10-08
The Elm and the ExpertJerry A. Fodor1995-08-28
Neural TransplantationWilliam J. Freed1999-12-31
The Subtlety of SamenessRobert M. French1995-10-25
Graphical Models for Machine Learning and Digital CommunicationBrendan J. Frey1998-06-26