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Action ScienceWolfgang Prinz, Miriam Beisert, Arvid Herwig2013-03-29
Grounding Social Sciences in Cognitive SciencesRon Sun2012-09-14
The Bodhisattva's BrainOwen Flanagan2011-10-03
The Wonder of ConsciousnessHarold Langsam2011-09-16
Dialogues with DavidsonJeff Malpas2011-08-05
Laws, Mind, and Free WillSteven Horst2011-04-21
Knowledge and SkepticismJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Harry S. Silverstein2010-08-31
Pragmatic NeuroethicsEric Racine2010-08-31
Effortless AttentionBrian Bruya2010-07-30
The Extended MindRichard Menary2010-06-18
The Case for QualiaEdmond Wright2008-06-20
Moral Psychology, Volume 3Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2008-01-31
The Musical RepresentationCharles O. Nussbaum2007-12-31
Describing Inner Experience?Russell Hurlburt, Eric Schwitzgebel2007-11-30
Sex and the BrainGillian Einstein2007-11-30
Things and PlacesZenon W. Pylyshyn2007-11-19
Moral Psychology, Volume 1Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2007-10-31
Distributed Cognition and the WillDon Ross, David Spurrett, Harold Kincaid, G. Lynn Stephens2007-09-30
Reliable ReasoningGilbert Harman, Sanjeev Kulkarni2007-08-15
Reconstructing the Cognitive WorldMichael Wheeler2007-05-17
Panpsychism in the WestDavid Skrbina2007-05-17
Economic Theory and Cognitive ScienceDon Ross2007-05-14
Neither Brain nor GhostW. Teed Rockwell2007-03-30
Does Consciousness Cause Behavior?Susan Pockett, William P. Banks, Shaun Gallagher2006-03-05
Seeing and VisualizingZenon W. Pylyshyn2006-03-01
PainMurat Aydede2006-01-01
Furnishing the MindJesse J. Prinz2004-09-01
The Asymmetrical BrainRichard J. Davidson, Richard J. Davidson, Kenneth Hugdahl2004-09-01
Advice for a Young InvestigatorSantiago Ramón y Cajal2004-04-01
Emotional IntelligenceGerald Matthews, Moshe Zeidner, Richard D. Roberts2004-03-01
The Big Book of ConceptsGregory Murphy2004-03-01
The Illusion of Conscious WillDaniel M. Wegner2003-09-01
The Design of Animal CommunicationMarc D. Hauser, Mark Konishi2003-03-01
Cognitive ModelingThad Polk, Colleen Seifert2002-08-15
The Dynamic NeuronJohn Smythies2002-06-01
Exploring ScienceDavid Klahr2002-02-07
Consciousness, Color, and ContentMichael Tye2002-02-07
The Mind's ArrowsClark Glymour2001-11-01
Language, Brain, and Cognitive DevelopmentEmmanuel Dupoux2001-10-01
Understanding IntelligenceRolf Pfeifer, Christian Scheier2001-09-01
Knowledge and MindAndrew Brook, Robert J. Stainton2001-09-01
Methods of Theoretical PsychologyAndré Kukla2001-06-18
The Human Relationship with NaturePeter H. Kahn2001-03-01
The Theory and Practice of Discourse Parsing and SummarizationDaniel Marcu2000-11-13
Control of Cognitive ProcessesStephen Monsell, Jon Driver2000-10-20
Phrasal Movement and Its KinDavid Pesetsky2000-10-16
Neural Correlates of ConsciousnessThomas Metzinger2000-09-04
Explanation and CognitionFrank C. Keil, Robert A. Wilson2000-06-23
In Critical ConditionJerry A. Fodor2000-01-27
Through the Rearview MirrorJohn Macnamara1999-09-24