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TitleAuthorsort ascendingPub Date
The Case for QualiaEdmond Wright2008-06-20
A Logical JourneyHao Wang1997-01-10
Panpsychism in the WestDavid Skrbina2007-05-17
Models of Bounded RationalityHerbert A. Simon1997-06-27
An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 4Don Scarborough, Saul Sternberg, Daniel N. Osherson1998-01-16
Oratio Obliqua, Oratio RectaFrancois Recanati2000-08-28
Understanding the Representational MindJosef Perner1993-03-02
White Queen Psychology and Other Essays for AliceRuth Garrett Millikan1995-03-02
Language, Thought, and Other Biological CategoriesRuth Garrett Millikan1984-04-13
The Politics of DenialMichael A. Milburn, Sheree D. Conrad1998-01-09
MetacognitionJanet Metcalfe, Arthur P. Shimamura1996-01-31
Animal ThinkingRandolf Menzel, Julia Fischer2011-12-09
Categorization and Naming in ChildrenEllen M Markman1991-05-02
Dialogues with DavidsonJeff Malpas2011-08-05
Intentions and IntentionalityBertram F. Malle, Louis J. Moses, Dare A. Baldwin2003-03-01
ConsciousnessWilliam G. Lycan1995-03-01
Semantics, Tense, and TimePeter Ludlow1999-10-29
Foundations of Cognitive PsychologyDaniel J. Levitin2002-09-09
Artificial LifeChristopher G. Langton1997-01-22
Production System Models of Learning and DevelopmentDavid Klahr, Patrick W. Langley, Robert T. Neches1987-01-26
Wittgenstein in ExileJames C. Klagge2011-02-01
The Semblance of SubjectivityTom Huhn, Lambert Zuidervaart1997-04-25
Laws, Mind, and Free WillSteven Horst2011-04-21
Looking into PicturesHeiko Hecht, Robert Schwartz, Margaret Atherton2003-06-01
The Design of Animal CommunicationMarc D. Hauser, Mark Konishi2003-03-01
The Natural and the NormativeGary Hatfield1991-01-10
Where Biology Meets PsychologyValerie Gray Hardcastle1999-08-27
Toward a Science of ConsciousnessStuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak, Alwyn C. Scott1996-03-26
Philosophical PsychopathologyGeorge Graham, G. Lynn Stephens1995-01-10
A Theory of Content and Other EssaysJerry A. Fodor1992-10-08
Time and RealismYuval Dolev2007-10-31
Changing MindsAndrea diSessa2001-10-01
Representations, Targets, and AttitudesRobert Cummins1996-01-23
MetareasoningMichael T. Cox, Anita Raja2011-03-31
Parts and PlacesRoberto Casati, Achille C. Varzi1999-07-16
Time and IdentityJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Harry S. Silverstein2010-07-30
Action, Ethics, and ResponsibilityJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Harry S. Silverstein2010-11-30
The Cerebral CodeWilliam H. Calvin1998-02-06
Fact and ValueAlex Byrne, Robert C. Stalnaker, Ralph Wedgwood2001-04-16
Knowledge and MindAndrew Brook, Robert J. Stainton2001-09-01
Species of MindColin Allen, Marc Bekoff1997-10-10