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Emotions in Humans and ArtifactsRobert Trappl, Paolo Petta, Sabine Payr2003-04-01
Essential Sources in the Scientific Study of ConsciousnessBernard J. Baars, William P. Banks, James B. Newman2003-04-01
Readings in Machine TranslationSergei Nirenburg, Harold L. Somers, Yorick A. Wilks2003-07-13
The Illusion of Conscious WillDaniel M. Wegner2003-09-01
Emotional IntelligenceGerald Matthews, Moshe Zeidner, Richard D. Roberts2004-03-01
Being No OneThomas Metzinger2004-09-01
The Primacy of the SubjectiveNicholas Georgalis2005-12-01
PainMurat Aydede2006-01-01
Does Consciousness Cause Behavior?Susan Pockett, William P. Banks, Shaun Gallagher2006-03-05
From Molecule to MetaphorJerome Feldman2006-06-02
Neither Brain nor GhostW. Teed Rockwell2007-03-30
Panpsychism in the WestDavid Skrbina2007-05-17
Consciousness, Function, and RepresentationNed Block2007-07-23
Language, Consciousness, CultureRay S. Jackendoff2007-08-10
Situating SemanticsMichael O'Rourke, Corey Washington2007-09-30
Moral Psychology, Volume 1Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2007-10-31
Moral Psychology, Volume 3Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2008-01-31
The Case for QualiaEdmond Wright2008-06-20
Chess MetaphorsDiego Rasskin-Gutman2009-09-01
The Extended MindRichard Menary2010-06-18
Color Ontology and Color ScienceJonathan Cohen, Mohan Matthen2010-06-30
Effortless AttentionBrian Bruya2010-07-30
Our Own MindsRadu J. Bogdan2010-10-29
Perplexities of ConsciousnessEric Schwitzgebel2011-03-18
Dialogues with DavidsonJeff Malpas2011-08-05
ConsciousnessChristof Koch2012-04-16
The Foundations of Cognitive ArchaeologyMarc A. Abramiuk2012-09-03
The Neural Basis of Free WillPeter Ulric Tse2013-03-22