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Ontology of ConsciousnessHelmut Wautischer2007-08-28
Neurophilosophy of Free WillHenrik Walter2001-04-16
Psychologists in Word and ImageNicholas Wade1995-03-31
Hot ThoughtPaul Thagard2006-09-01
Coherence in Thought and ActionPaul Thagard2002-08-07
The Nature of CognitionRobert J. Sternberg1998-11-20
Like-MindedAndrew Sneddon2011-09-23
An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 3Edward E. Smith, Daniel N. Osherson1995-10-16
Moral Psychology, Volume 3Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2008-01-31
Models of Bounded RationalityHerbert A. Simon1997-06-27
DesireGeorge F. Schueler1995-02-06
Modeling Bounded RationalityAriel Rubinstein1998-01-24
Midbrain MutinyDon Ross, Carla Sharp, Rudy E. Vuchinich, David Spurrett2008-04-03
Economic Theory and Cognitive ScienceDon Ross2007-05-14
Rationality in ActionFrancois Recanati, John R. Searle2003-03-01
Representation and RealityHilary Putnam1991-08-28
Cognitive ModelingThad Polk, Colleen Seifert2002-08-15
Does Consciousness Cause Behavior?Susan Pockett, William P. Banks, Shaun Gallagher2006-03-05
Phrasal Movement and Its KinDavid Pesetsky2000-10-16
Advances in the Evolutionary Synthesis of Intelligent AgentsMukesh Patel, Vasant Honavar, Karthik Balakrishnan2001-03-05
Psychiatry in the Scientific ImageDominic Murphy2006-07-07
White Queen Psychology and Other Essays for AliceRuth Garrett Millikan1995-03-02
Varieties of MeaningRuth Garrett Millikan2007-02-01
Neural Correlates of ConsciousnessThomas Metzinger2000-09-04
Intelligent Behavior in Animals and RobotsDavid Mcfarland, Tom Bösser1993-09-28
StarmakingPeter J. McCormick1996-06-19
The Motion AftereffectGeorge Mather, Frans Verstraten, Stuart Anstis1998-09-20
Dialogues with DavidsonJeff Malpas2011-08-05
Through the Rearview MirrorJohn Macnamara1999-09-24
The Nature of TruthMichael P. Lynch2001-04-01
Optimality-Theoretic SyntaxGéraldine Legendre, Jane Grimshaw, Sten Vikner2001-04-02
The Wonder of ConsciousnessHarold Langsam2011-09-16
Knowledge, Concepts, and CategoriesKoen Lamberts, David Shanks1997-10-31
Methods of Theoretical PsychologyAndré Kukla2001-06-18
Strategic Negotiation in Multiagent EnvironmentsSarit Kraus2001-09-01
Theory and EvidenceBarbara Koslowski1996-07-01
Sites of VisionDavid Michael Kleinberg-Levin1999-01-29
Realistic RationalismJerrold J. Katz1997-12-05
Brain FictionWilliam Hirstein2006-10-01
Toward a Science of ConsciousnessStuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak, Alwyn C. Scott1996-03-26
Philosophical PsychopathologyGeorge Graham, G. Lynn Stephens1995-01-10
Sketches of ThoughtVinod Goel1995-10-03
The Mind's ArrowsClark Glymour2001-11-01
Bounded RationalityGerd Gigerenzer, Reinhard Selten2002-08-07
In Critical ConditionJerry A. Fodor2000-01-27
The Mind Doesn't Work That WayJerry A. Fodor2001-09-01
Identity, Character, and MoralityOwen Flanagan, Amélie Oksenberg Rorty1993-08-26
The Really Hard ProblemOwen Flanagan2007-11-01
Better Than Conscious?Christoph Engel, Wolf Singer2008-05-30
BrainstormsDaniel C. Dennett1981-07-13