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Perspectives in Memory ResearchMichael S. Gazzaniga1988-09-22
Vision, Brain, and Cooperative ComputationMichael A. Arbib, Allen R. Hanson1990-01-24
Neural Network Learning and Expert SystemsStephen I. Gallant1991-10-17
An Odyssey in Learning and PerceptionEleanor J. Gibson1994-02-03
Dialogues on PerceptionBela Julesz1994-11-17
The Creative Cognition ApproachSteven M. Smith, Thomas B. Ward, Ronald A. Finke1995-01-09
An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 2Stephen M. Kosslyn, Daniel N. Osherson1995-10-16
Attention and Performance XVIInui Toshio, James L. McClelland1996-04-24
Image And BrainStephen M. Kosslyn1996-09-01
The Motion AftereffectGeorge Mather, Frans Verstraten, Stuart Anstis1998-09-20
Visual AnalogyBarbara Maria Stafford1999-09-24
Sex and CognitionDoreen Kimura2000-07-31
Control of Cognitive ProcessesStephen Monsell, Jon Driver2000-10-20
Sensory ExoticaHoward C. Hughes2001-02-19
Visual Attention and Cortical CircuitsJochen Braun, Christof Koch, Joel L. Davis2001-04-16
The Mind's ArrowsClark Glymour2001-11-01
Consciousness, Color, and ContentMichael Tye2002-02-07
Perceptual LearningManfred Fahle, Tomaso A. Poggio2002-04-30
Foundations of Cognitive PsychologyDaniel J. Levitin2002-09-09
Exploring the Thalamus and Its Role in Cortical FunctionS. Murray Sherman, Rainer W. Guillery2005-12-01
Seeing and VisualizingZenon W. Pylyshyn2006-03-01
The Hidden SenseCretien van Campen2007-11-26
Scenario VisualizationRobert Arp2008-04-10
Color Ontology and Color ScienceJonathan Cohen, Mohan Matthen2010-06-30
Knowledge and SkepticismJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Harry S. Silverstein2010-08-31
Visual Population CodesNikolaus Kriegeskorte, Gabriel Kreiman2012-01-02
Brain and the GazeJan Lauwereyns2012-09-28
Advances in Genetic Programming, Volume 1Kenneth E. Kinnear, Jr.2015-08-18