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Associative EnginesAndy Clark1993-09-21
Attention and Performance XVCarlo Umiltà, Morris Moscovitch1994-08-10
Attention and Performance XVIIDaniel Gopher, Asher Koriat1999-04-16
Big Book of Concepts, TheGregory Murphy2004-03-01
Bounded RationalityGerd Gigerenzer, Reinhard Selten2002-08-07
Brain and the GazeJan Lauwereyns2012-09-28
Changing MindsAndrea diSessa2001-10-01
Classroom LessonsKate McGilly1996-01-31
Cognitive Science in MedicineDavid A Evans, Vimla L Patel1989-04-03
Computer Science Logo Style, Second Edition, Volume 1Brian Harvey1997-02-14
FolkbiologyDouglas L. Medin, Scott Atran1999-06-11
Foundations of Cognitive Science, TheMichael I. Posner1993-08-23
From Monkey Brain to Human BrainStanislas Dehaene, Jean-René Duhamel, Marc D. Hauser, Giacomo Rizzolatti2005-06-01
Information and Living SystemsGeorge Terzis, Robert Arp2011-05-20
Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 3, AnEdward E. Smith, Daniel N. Osherson1995-10-16
Mind in Everyday Life and Cognitive ScienceSunny Y. Auyang2001-04-02
Qualitative Methods for Reasoning under UncertaintySimon Parsons2001-08-01
Rhyme and ReasonJuan Uriagereka1998-10-23
Seeing and VisualizingZenon W. Pylyshyn2006-03-01
Simple Genetic Algorithm, TheMichael D. Vose1999-08-27
Sources of PowerGary Klein1998-01-16
Technology and PrivacyPhilip E. Agre, Marc Rotenberg1998-07-03
Terms and TruthAlan Berger2005-03-01
Virtual MusicDavid Cope2004-03-01
Working MindsBeth Crandall, Gary Klein, Robert R. Hoffman2006-07-07