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Reconstructing the Cognitive WorldMichael Wheeler2007-05-17
Ontology of ConsciousnessHelmut Wautischer2007-08-28
Psychologists in Word and ImageNicholas Wade1995-03-31
High-Level VisionShimon Ullman1996-07-17
Emotions in Humans and ArtifactsRobert Trappl, Paolo Petta, Sabine Payr2003-04-01
Mind ReadingsPaul Thagard1998-03-27
Hot ThoughtPaul Thagard2006-09-01
Learnability in Optimality TheoryBruce Tesar, Paul Smolensky2000-05-15
Neurodevelopmental DisordersHelen Tager-Flusberg1999-07-30
Mental RealityGalen Strawson1996-01-05
The Nature of CognitionRobert J. Sternberg1998-11-20
The Mind within the NetManfred Spitzer1999-03-12
An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 3Edward E. Smith, Daniel N. Osherson1995-10-16
The Rediscovery of the MindJohn R. Searle1992-07-08
Economic Theory and Cognitive ScienceDon Ross2007-05-14
Neither Brain nor GhostW. Teed Rockwell2007-03-30
The Human Semantic PotentialTerry Regier1996-09-01
Rationality in ActionFrancois Recanati, John R. Searle2003-03-01
Slaves of the MachineGregory J. E. Rawlins1998-07-03
Chess MetaphorsDiego Rasskin-Gutman2009-09-01
Probabilistic Models of the BrainRajesh P.N. Rao, Bruno A. Olshausen, Michael S. Lewicki2002-02-15
Goal-Driven LearningAshwin Ram, David Leake1995-08-30
The Foundations of Cognitive ScienceMichael I. Posner1993-08-23
Evolutionary Cognitive NeuroscienceSteven Platek, Todd Shackelford, Julian Keenan2006-11-01
Connections and SymbolsSteven Pinker, Jacques Mehler1988-06-20
Affective ComputingRosalind W. Picard1997-09-19
Understanding IntelligenceRolf Pfeifer, Christian Scheier2001-09-01
How the Body Shapes the Way We ThinkRolf Pfeifer, Josh Bongard2007-05-09
Computational Molecular BiologyPavel A. Pevzner2000-08-21
Tower of BabelRobert T. Pennock2000-02-28
Qualitative Methods for Reasoning under UncertaintySimon Parsons2001-08-01
Situating SemanticsMichael O'Rourke, Corey Washington2007-09-30
The Psychobiology of Down SyndromeLynn Nadel1988-10-27
Participating in Explanatory DialoguesJohanna D. Moore1994-11-04
The Politics of DenialMichael A. Milburn, Sheree D. Conrad1998-01-09
From Animals to Animats 2Jean-Arcady Meyer, Herbert L. Roitblat, Stewart W. Wilson1993-04-13
From Animals to Animats 6Jean-Arcady Meyer, Alain Berthoz, Dario Floreano, Herbert L. Roitblat, Stewart W. Wilson2000-08-21
Neural Correlates of ConsciousnessThomas Metzinger2000-09-04
MetacognitionJanet Metcalfe, Arthur P. Shimamura1996-01-31
Animal ThinkingRandolf Menzel, Julia Fischer2011-12-09
Language Development and Learning to ReadDiane McGuinness2006-11-01
Classroom LessonsKate McGilly1996-01-31
Intelligent Behavior in Animals and RobotsDavid Mcfarland, Tom Bösser1993-09-28
Mind and MechanismDrew V. McDermott2001-10-01
Neurogenetic Developmental DisordersMichèle M Mazzocco, Judith Ross2007-05-23
Emotional IntelligenceGerald Matthews, Moshe Zeidner, Richard D. Roberts2004-03-01
Through the Rearview MirrorJohn Macnamara1999-09-24
The Nature of TruthMichael P. Lynch2001-04-01
ConsciousnessWilliam G. Lycan1995-03-01
I of the VortexRodolfo R. Llinás2002-03-07