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Against FactsArianna Betti2015-08-28
Advances in Genetic Programming, Volume 1Kenneth E. Kinnear, Jr.2015-08-18
PrehensionColin McGinn2015-08-07
Memory and MoviesJohn Seamon2015-08-07
Becoming FluentRichard Roberts, Roger Kreuz2015-08-07
What the Body CommandsColin Klein2015-07-31
DreamingJennifer M. Windt2015-07-20
Principles of Neural DesignPeter Sterling, Simon Laughlin2015-06-30
Intelligence EmergingKeith L. Downing2015-06-30
The Conceptual MindEric Margolis, Stephen Laurence2015-06-22
AnigrafsWhitman A. Richards2015-06-08
Outside ColorM. Chirimuuta2015-05-08
A Two-Tiered Theory of ControlIdan Landau2015-05-01
The Myth of the IntuitiveMax Deutsch2015-04-24
Consciousness, Attention, and Conscious AttentionCarlos Montemayor, Harry Haroutioun Haladjian2015-04-17
Mind in ArchitectureSarah Robinson, Juhani Pallasmaa2015-04-10
Trees of the Brain, Roots of the MindGiorgio A. Ascoli2015-04-10
Brain Computation as Hierarchical AbstractionDana H. Ballard2015-03-31
Liberalism in PracticeOlivia Newman2015-03-31
The Moral BrainJean Decety, Thalia Wheatley2015-03-31
(Re)labelingCarlo Cecchetto, Caterina Donati2015-03-03
Developmental RoboticsAngelo Cangelosi, Matthew Schlesinger2015-02-13
The Minimalist ProgramNoam Chomsky2015-02-06
Categorizing CognitionGraeme S. Halford, William H. Wilson, Glenda Andrews, Steven Phillips2015-01-30
After PhrenologyMichael L. Anderson2015-01-30
Minds without MeaningsJerry A. Fodor, Zenon W. Pylyshyn2015-01-02
Grammatical Theory and Bilingual CodeswitchingJeff MacSwan2014-12-31
Space in MindDaniel R. Montello, Karl E. Grossner, Donald G. Janelle2014-12-29
A Natural History of Natural TheologyHelen De Cruz, Johan De Smedt2014-12-19
Scene VisionKestutis Kveraga, Moshe Bar2014-12-01
Sensory Integration and the Unity of ConsciousnessDavid Bennett, Christopher Hill2014-11-28
Voice and vJulie Anne Legate2014-11-28
Pathways to PeaceJames F. Leckman, Catherine Panter-Brick, Rima Salah2014-11-21
Touch, Second EditionTiffany Field2014-11-17
OstensionChad Engelland2014-10-31
Processing Inaccurate InformationDavid N. Rapp, Jason L.G. Braasch2014-10-31
Practical Applications of Sparse ModelingIrina Rish, Guillermo A. Cecchi, Aurelie Lozano, Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil2014-10-30
Unifying the MindDavid Danks2014-10-17
The Interdisciplinary Science of ConsumptionStephanie D. Preston, Morten L. Kringelbach, Brian Knutson2014-09-30
Being AmoralThomas Schramme2014-09-30
The Conscious MindZoltan Torey2014-09-30
Late-Talking Children: A Symptom or a Stage?Stephen M. Camarata2014-09-26
Zen-Brain HorizonsJames H. Austin2014-09-26
Understanding BeliefsNils J. Nilsson2014-08-29
The Measure of MadnessPhilip Gerrans2014-08-29
Computer Games for LearningRichard E. Mayer2014-08-29
Single Neuron Studies of the Human BrainItzhak Fried, Ueli Rutishauser, Moran Cerf, Gabriel Kreiman2014-07-31
Children with Specific Language Impairment, Second EditionLaurence B. Leonard2014-06-30
Beyond VersusJames Tabery2014-06-13
The Architecture of CognitionPaco Calvo, John Symons2014-05-30