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Visual Cortex and Deep NetworksTomaso A. Poggio, Fabio Anselmi2016-10-28
Does Consciousness Cause Behavior?Susan Pockett, William P. Banks, Shaun Gallagher2006-03-05
Exercises in Rethinking InnatenessKim Plunkett, Jeffrey Elman1997-04-25
Evolutionary Cognitive NeuroscienceSteven Platek, Todd Shackelford, Julian Keenan2006-11-01
3D ShapeZygmunt Pizlo2008-04-24
Connections and SymbolsSteven Pinker, Jacques Mehler1988-06-20
Learnability and CognitionSteven Pinker2013-08-31
Affective ComputingRosalind W. Picard1997-09-19
Understanding IntelligenceRolf Pfeifer, Christian Scheier2001-09-01
How the Body Shapes the Way We ThinkRolf Pfeifer, Josh Bongard2007-05-09
Computational Molecular BiologyPavel A. Pevzner2000-08-21
Computational Learning Theory and Natural Learning Systems, Volume 3Thomas Petsche, Stephen José Hanson, Jude Shavlik1995-04-27
Darwinian DominionLewis Petrinovich1998-11-26
The Cognitive-Emotional BrainLuiz Pessoa2013-10-04
Phrasal Movement and Its KinDavid Pesetsky2000-10-16
Knowledge, Possibility, and ConsciousnessJohn Perry2003-03-01
Understanding the Representational MindJosef Perner1993-03-02
An Instinct for TruthRobert T. Pennock2019-07-19
Tower of BabelRobert T. Pennock2000-02-28
The Brain's Representational PowerCyriel M.A. Pennartz2015-10-23
An Introduction to Fuzzy SetsWitold Pedrycz, Fernando Gomide1998-04-10
Finite State Machines in HardwareVolnei A. Pedroni2014-01-31
A Study of ConceptsChristopher Peacocke1995-09-25
Infectious BehaviorPaul H. Patterson2011-10-14
Advances in the Evolutionary Synthesis of Intelligent AgentsMukesh Patel, Vasant Honavar, Karthik Balakrishnan2001-03-05
The Psychology of AttentionHarold Pashler1997-10-10
Qualitative Methods for Reasoning under UncertaintySimon Parsons2001-08-01
Fundamentals of Neural Network ModelingRandolph Parks, Daniel S. Levine, Debra L. Long1998-12-11
Democracy Despite ItselfDanny Oppenheimer, Mike Edwards2012-02-15
The First Half SecondHaluk Öğmen, Bruno G. Breitmeyer2006-03-06
Situating SemanticsMichael O'Rourke, Corey Washington2007-09-30
Computational Explorations in Cognitive NeuroscienceRandall C. O'Reilly, Yuko Munakata2000-09-04
Productivity and Reuse in LanguageTimothy J. O'Donnell2015-08-28
The Musical RepresentationCharles O. Nussbaum2007-12-31
The Spontaneous BrainGeorg Northoff2018-09-14
Vision and MindRobert Alva Nöe, Evan Thompson2002-09-30
Readings in Machine TranslationSergei Nirenburg, Harold L. Somers, Yorick A. Wilks2003-07-13
Language Form and Language FunctionFrederick J. Newmeyer1998-11-20
Liberalism in PracticeOlivia Newman2015-03-31
Making SpaceNora S. Newcombe, Janellen Huttenlocher2003-03-01
AgeismTodd D. Nelson2004-09-01
A Mark of the MentalKaren Neander2017-06-09
The Memory ProcessSuzanne Nalbantian, Paul M. Matthews, James L. McClelland2010-11-30
The Natural MethodEddy Nahmias, Thomas Polger, Wenqing Zhao2020-08-04
The Psychobiology of Down SyndromeLynn Nadel1988-10-27
The Neural Architecture of GrammarStephen E. Nadeau2012-02-29
Building and Interpreting Possession SentencesNeil Myler2017-11-11
The Big Book of ConceptsGregory Murphy2004-03-01
Psychiatry in the Scientific ImageDominic Murphy2006-07-07
Origination of Organismal FormGerd B. Müller, Stuart A. Newman2003-02-01