Carlo Cecchetto

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By Carlo Cecchetto, Caterina Donati
When two categories merge and a new syntactic object is formed, what determines which of the two merged categories transmits its properties one level up—or, in current terminology, which of the two initial categories labels the new object? In (Re)labeling, Carlo Cecchetto and Caterina Donati take this question as the starting point of an investigation that sheds light on longstanding...

Journal Articles by this Author

Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 35, Issue 1 (Winter 2004)
By Carlo Cecchetto, Renato Oniga
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 24, Issue 2 (February 2012)
By Nadia Bolognini, Carlo Cecchetto, Carlo Geraci, Angelo Maravita, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Costanza Papagno
Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 42, Issue 4 (Fall 2011)
By Caterina Donati, Carlo Cecchetto