Christof Koch

Christof Koch is Professor of Biology and of Engineering at the California Institute of Technology and Chief Scientific Officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle. He is the author of The Quest for Consciousness and other books.

Books by this Author

Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can't Be Computed
By Christof Koch
In The Feeling of Life Itself, Christof Koch offers a straightforward definition of consciousness as any subjective experience, from the most mundane to the most exalted—the feeling of being alive. Psychologists study which cognitive operations underpin a given conscious perception. Neuroscientists track the neural correlates of consciousness in the brain, the organ of the mind. But...
Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist
By Christof Koch
What links conscious experience of pain, joy, color, and smell to bioelectrical activity in the brain? How can anything physical give rise to nonphysical, subjective, conscious states? Christof Koch has devoted much of his career to bridging the seemingly unbridgeable gap between the physics of the brain and phenomenal experience. This engaging book—part scientific overview, part memoir,...

Books by this Editor

Edited By Jochen Braun, Christof Koch, Joel L. Davis
The neurobiology and psychology of attention have much to learn from each other. Neurobiologists recognize that responses in sensory cortex depend on the behavioral relevance of a stimulus, but have few ways to study how perception changes as a result. Psychologists have the conceptual and methodological tools to do just that, but are confounded by the multiple interpretations and theoretical...

Journal Articles by this Author

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Volume 16, Issue 12 (December 1, 2004)
By Chun-Hui Mo, Ming Gu, Christof Koch
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Volume 14, Issue 2 (February 1, 2002)
By Amit Manwani, Peter N. Steinmetz, Christof Koch
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Volume 15, Issue 4 (April 1, 2003)
By Chun-Hui Mo, Christof Koch
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 13, Issue 8 (November 15, 2001)
By Jorge Jovicich, Robert J. Peters, Christof Koch, Jochen Braun, Linda Chang, Thomas Ernst
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 15, Issue 2 (February 15, 2003)
By Rufin VanRullen, Christof Koch