David Klahr

David Klahr is Professor of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University.

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The Cognition and Development of Discovery Processes
By David Klahr
Einstein said that "the whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking." David Klahr suggests that we now know enough about cognition—and hence about everyday thinking—to advance our understanding of scientific thinking. In this book he sets out to describe the cognitive and developmental processes that have enabled scientists to make the discoveries...

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Edited By David Klahr, Patrick W. Langley, Robert T. Neches
Cognitive psychologists have found the production systems class of computer simulation models to be one of the most direct ways to cast complex theories of human intelligence. There have been many scattered studies on production systems since they were first proposed as computational models of human problem-solving behavior by Allen Newell some twenty years ago, but this is the first book to...