Johanna D. Moore

Johanna D. Moore is Director of the Human Communication Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh.

Books by this Author

Interpreting and Responding to Questions in Context
By Johanna D. Moore
While much has been written about the areas of text generation, text planning, discourse modeling, and user modeling, Johanna Moore's book is one of the first to tackle modeling the complex dynamics of explanatory dialogues. It describes an explanation-planning architecture that enables a computational system to participate in an interactive dialogue with its users, focusing on the knowledge...

Journal Articles by this Author

Computational Linguistics
Volume 37, Issue 3 (September 2011)
By Vera Demberg, Andi Winterboer, Johanna D. Moore
Computational Linguistics
Volume 36, Issue 2 (June 2010)
By Michael White, Robert A. J. Clark, Johanna D. Moore