Klaus-Robert Müller

Klaus-Robert Müller is Head of the Intelligent Data Analysis group at the Fraunhofer Institute and Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin.

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Edited By Guido Dornhege, José del R. Millán, Thilo Hinterberger, Dennis J. McFarland, Klaus-Robert Müller
Interest in developing an effective communication interface connecting the human brain and a computer has grown rapidly over the past decade. The brain-computer interface (BCI) would allow humans to operate computers, wheelchairs, prostheses, and other devices, using brain signals only. BCI research may someday provide a communication channel for patients with severe physical disabilities but...

Journal Articles by this Author

Neural Computation
Volume 8, Issue 2 (February 15, 1996)
By Klaus Pawelzik, Jens Kohlmorgen, Klaus-Robert Müller
Neural Computation
Volume 23, Issue 3 (March 2011)
By Carmen Vidaurre, Claudia Sannelli, Klaus-Robert Müller, Benjamin Blankertz
Neural Computation
Volume 26, Issue 2 (February 2014)
By Motoaki Kawanabe, Wojciech Samek, Klaus-Robert Müller, Carmen Vidaurre