Marc D. Hauser

Marc D. Hauser is Professor of Psychology and Codirector of the Mind, Brain, and Behavior Program at Harvard University.

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By Marc D. Hauser
Bound to become a classic and to stimulate debate and research, The Evolution of Communication looks at species in their natural environments as a way to begin to understand what the real units of analysis of communicating systems are, using arguments about design and function to illuminate both the origin and subsequent evolution of each system. It lights the way for a research program that...

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A Fyssen Foundation Symposium
Edited By Stanislas Dehaene, Jean-René Duhamel, Marc D. Hauser, Giacomo Rizzolatti
The extraordinary overlap between human and chimpanzee genomes does not result in an equal overlap between human and chimpanzee thoughts, sensations, perceptions, and emotions; there are considerable similarities but also considerable differences between human and nonhuman primate brains. From Monkey Brain to Human Brain uses the latest findings in cognitive psychology, comparative biology, and...
Edited By Marc D. Hauser, Mark Konishi
When animals, including humans, communicate, they convey information and express their perceptions of the world. Because different organisms are able to produce and perceive different signals, the animal world contains a diversity of communication systems. Based on the approach laid out in the 1950s by Nobel laureate Nikolaas Tinbergen, this book looks at animal communication from the four...

Journal Articles by this Author

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 13, Issue 1 (January 1, 2001)
By Yuko Munakata, Laurie R. Santos, Elizabeth S. Spelke, Marc D. Hauser, Randall C. O'Reilly
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 17, Issue 9 (September 2005)
By Gordon W. Gifford III, Katherine A. MacLean, Marc D. Hauser, Yale E. Cohen