Morten H. Christiansen

Morten H. Christiansen is Professor of Psychology and Codirector of the Cognitive Science Program at Cornell University and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. He has coedited Language Universals and other books.

Books by this Author

Integrating Evolution, Acquisition, and Processing
By Morten H. Christiansen, Nick Chater
Language is a hallmark of the human species; the flexibility and unbounded expressivity of our linguistic abilities is unique in the biological world. In this book, Morten Christiansen and Nick Chater argue that to understand this astonishing phenomenon, we must consider how language is created: moment by moment, in the generation and understanding of individual utterances; year by year, as new...

Books by this Editor

Society, Technology, Language, and Religion
Edited By Peter J. Richerson, Morten H. Christiansen
Over the past few decades, a growing body of research has emerged from a variety of disciplines to highlight the importance of cultural evolution in understanding human behavior. Wider application of these insights, however, has been hampered by traditional disciplinary boundaries. To remedy this, in this volume leading researchers from theoretical biology, developmental and cognitive psychology...