Norbert Hornstein

Norbert Hornstein, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Maryland, is the author of Logic as Grammar: An Approach to Meaning in Natural Languages.

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An Approach to Meaning in Natural Language
By Norbert Hornstein
How is the meaning of natural language interpreted? Taking as its point of departure the logical problem of natural language acquisition, this book elaborates a theory of meaning based on syntactical rather than semantical processes. Hornstein argues that the traditional neoFregean approach taken by Davidson, Barwise and Perry, and Montague, among others—an approach that makes use of...
Tense and Universal Grammar
By Norbert Hornstein
How do humans acquire, at a very early age and from fragmentary and haphazard data, the complex patterns of their native language? This is the logical problem of language acquisition, and it is the question that directs the search for an innate universal grammar. As Time Goes By extends the search by proposing a theory of natural-language tense that will be responsive to the problem of language...

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Edited By Samuel David Epstein, Norbert Hornstein
The essays in this book present explicit syntactic analyses that adhere to programmatic minimalist guidelines. Thus they show how the guiding ideas of minimalism can shape the construction of a new, more explanatory theory of the syntactic component of the human language faculty.Contributors: Zeljko Boskovic, Samuel David Epstein, Robert Freidin, Erich M. Groat, Norbert Hornstein, Hisatsugu...

Journal Articles by this Author

Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 37, Issue 4 (Fall 2006)
By Cedric Boeckx, Norbert Hornstein
Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 38, Issue 2 (Spring 2007)
By Norbert Hornstein
Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 41, Issue 1 (Winter 2010)
By Cedric Boeckx, Norbert Hornstein, Jairo Nunes
Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 41, Issue 4 (Fall 2010)
By Alex Drummond, Norbert Hornstein, Howard Lasnik
Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 44, Issue 4 (Fall 2013)
By Bradley Larson, Norbert Hornstein